3 Keys To Hitting Your Golf Shots Long And Straight

You know how every golfer always wants their ball to go as far as it possibly can? And you’ve seen the endless conversations of groups doing all sorts of quirky things to try to get it to do that. A lot of it works, but it’s not easy to do consistently. So here are three keys to hitting your golf shots long and straight every time.


While it’s tempting to try to get the ball as far down the left side as you possibly can, what actually works best is to get the ball as far down the left side as you possibly can while keeping your left foot out of the way. In fact, once you get the ball right down on the tee and then start hitting it, just pick a target down the left side, and look at the ball while you swing, so you’ll see the front and back of the ball and what direction the ball is moving in. If you can see the ball, you’ll hit it at the same angle.


If you are feeling comfortable with your distance, you can swing at a shorter angle so that you don’t have to look at the ball while you swing, and you’ll still get some of the benefit of keeping your left foot out of the way by swinging over the top of the ball. However, if you’re not comfortable with your distance, then stick with a standard swing with your hands high, like I’m doing here.

I used to swing at the ball with my arms high and wide open, but I had my hands above my shoulders to help the ball go as far as it could. Now I’ve learned to keep my hands close to my body and close to the ball, because I can still get some distance with my shorter swing, but I’ve also learned that I get a lot of distance by keeping my hands closed and using a shorter swing.


If you’re a right-handed golfer, you should naturally swing with the right shoulder and the left wrist, with your arms close to your body. A slight hook will turn your left wrist and lead your left shoulder down. However, a slight cut will turn your right wrist and lead your right shoulder up. Once you have that heading on the ball, you’re good to go.

OK, I know what you’re thinking: I can’t be trusted to tell you what to do when I can’t even hit my golf ball straight. You’re probably right. But when you do get it right, it’s actually a lot of fun. So just take a few swings and you’ll get the hang of it!