4 Great Golf Birthday Party Ideas

A golf birthday party is a great idea for your little golfer. It’s a theme that will appeal to everyone and will bring out all the fun of playing golf. If playing eighteen holes, relaxing, and hanging out in the neighborhood golf course is what your golfer prefers do, make their next birthday party a golf theme! With the right invitations, themed party menu, decorations, and other accessories, your guests will truly feel like they’ve been transported to a country club even after a day of golf…

4 Great Golf Birthday Party Ideas


Invitations. A unique invitation that includes a golf ball is a fun way to invite friends and family to your golf birthday party. You can even create the invitations yourself if you’re creative and know how to use glitter. Just add a few golf balls, some glitter, a hole or two in the cake, and your invitations are ready to mail out.


Party Bag. Give your guests mini golf bags to take home after the golf birthday party. You can find mini-golf bags at discount stores, craft stores, or online. The bags are perfect for carrying golf balls and other supplies, which your guests can easily carry back to the course after the party.


Decorations. You may want to theme your decorations to match your golf birthday party theme. The decorations you choose will be the focal point of your event. If you’re hosting the event at a country club, use clubs and tees as your focal points. If you’re having guests over at another location, a fun idea may be to decorate the exterior of your home in a golf-themed style.


Food and Games. Most golf birthday parties include a birthday cake, cups, and beverage bowls, and other forms of food and drink. You’ll want to purchase the appropriate birthday party foods and games according to the age of your participants. These foods and games should be offered at your restaurant or banquet hall. If you have a caterer in your party, inquire about their availability and menu choices.


Party Favors. Everyone loves gifts. When it comes to golf birthday parties, consider offering guests miniature golf balls, gift certificates, golf tee covers, or other forms of miniature golf merchandise. This gift will be sure to be remembered, making your event memorable.


Lighting and Music. Because golf is a popular sport among Americans, many clubs are featuring special golf themes throughout the year. If you plan on celebrating at a country club, you can almost always expect to find special lighting options and decorations. Country clubs typically have party areas with built-in stage lighting and video screens. A great way to celebrate at a country club is by providing personalized birthday party decorations with an American flag or other country club motif.


Party Food. Typical golf birthday party foods include hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream, cake, sandwiches, salad, pies, chips, shrimp, pasta, and cake. Grilled food works well for golf parties because the guests can enjoy their meal outside. Be sure to provide plenty of beverages and non-alcoholic beverages for children, especially toddlers. If you are looking for party favors, consider offering golf balls or golf towel favors to your guests. Golf towels can make excellent party favor gifts that can be used for drying after the golf game is over.


Games and Activities. You can have a variety of activities planned for your golf party. The kids can play miniature golf, choose a team to go on a team-building adventure, or take an obstacle course. Since golf is a very physical sport, your guests will definitely want to get in some exercise after the birthday celebration.


Ball Supply Ideas. One great activity you can plan for your golf party is a golf themed putting green. With the right equipment, your guests can practice their putting strokes using a giant ball made of vinyl. You can provide a putting green mat for the venue as well as special tee shirts for each player to wear, which will help them practice their game more effectively.


As you can see, there are a lot of fun things you can do to celebrate a little girl’s birthday with a unique golf theme. If you’re looking for ideas on what you can do to decorate the place, check out our other articles on Decorating Ideas For a Golf Birthday Party. There are lots of great ideas for balloons, table decorations, balloons, party favors, gifts for guests, cake, food, and much more!