5 Golf Exercises That Will Improve Your Game

Did you know that golf exercises for improving flexibility and strengthening are the most important elements in golf? Without them, it will be very difficult to play golf to your full potential.

Unfortunately, many golfers have a tendency to focus only on strengthening and flexibility when they should be focusing on strengthening and improving their strength. This is why it is very important to do golf exercises for improving flexibility as a prerequisite to playing better golf. It will also allow your golf swing to flow better, which in turn will increase the power and consistency.

To make it easier for you, I have chosen nine golf exercises think are necessary to improve upon your golf swing.

They are divided up into three groups, each of which should be done three times per week: off-the-shelf exercises, warm ups, and golf exercises for improving flexibility and strength. Once you’ve started doing these golf exercises, it is important to continue doing them every week.

Here’s what you can expect to accomplish as you add more strength and flexibility to your body through these golf exercises:


There are a few golf exercises you can do to help develop your flexibility.

The first is the medicine ball lift. To do this exercise, start in the normal golf stance, then bring your right arm across your body and over the top of your left. Lift your right arm up until your elbow is almost touching the top of your shoulder. Lower the arm slowly into the starting position and repeat.

One of the most important golf exercises you can do is to stretch and strengthen your muscles that move the club.

By doing so, you’ll not only improve your golf swing, but you’ll also make your body more resistant to injury. To start, you want to stretch out your entire body. Begin by going about half way across your body, then quickly go back to starting position.


One of the other important golf exercises you can do is to strengthen your core muscles.

Your core is made up of the muscles and tendons that surround your spinal column. If you can learn how to strengthen these muscles per week, you’ll find that they will give you a greater level of flexibility. Additionally, you will be less prone to injuries because you have stronger muscles and tendons.

Another one of the golf exercises you can do lunges.

To do this exercise, stand in the normal golf stance, then bend your knees while keeping your back straight. You will need to bend your arms at a 90-degree angle. Now, slowly turn your arms out to the side, then in towards the center of your body, and then out again. Keep your arms tight at all times and repeat.

All golfers should use these golf exercises to improve their game. However, it is important for each golfer to know how many repetitions of each exercise he or she should complete.

Some golfers do very well on the exercises mentioned above, while others need more variety. For example, some golfers will do very well doing only the standard lunge exercise, while other golfers will need to do it in reverse.

This is important because the standard and reverse lunges will cause you to work on strength and endurance. It would be better for your golf game to do more repetitions of these golf exercises but fewer of the other types.

You should also take into account your current physical condition. If you are weak or out of shape, it would be better for you to perform more exercises that will increase your strength and stamina.

If you are healthy and strong, you may do more repetitions of the standard golf exercises, but you should take into account that you will probably still have to do them several times before you start seeing significant results.