5 Golf Putting Tips to Improve Your Game

I love it when a good tip comes along that feels like it was written for me specifically. We all know that putting is by far the most important part of golf, as every hole is won and lost by the way you hit your ball. Many golfers want to improve their putting game by using something called the grip dump method or trigger technique, but to be honest this is highly unlikely to improve your putting by any significant amount.

I know that many of my readers are interested in becoming better at putting, but I also know that you don’t have a top-of-the-line putting set to start from. Well, thankfully, I’ve got some tips to share that could help you improve your game and hopefully become a better putter in the long-run.

Evaluate and Reevaluate

It’s crucial to use the right equipment to improve your putting, but this does not guarantee that you’ll become a much better player. If your stroke looks good to you, but you’re still struggling to putt well, it’s time to evaluate your game and find out what’s going on.

Try replacing some of your equipment with something better. Or even switch back to a less expensive model for a few days to assess how your current equipment is impacting your game. Just be sure to give it a fair try before dropping big bucks on anything.

Make Play Dates

You can’t be too good to go out and play, and you can’t be too bad to go out and have fun. Don’t be afraid to share your game with someone who may be better than you. You’ll learn from each other and it’ll help you both to be more successful.

Pick a Goal

This is the key to maximizing your results. If you’re struggling to make a putt, pick a goal for the day, like one of the 40 closest putts. Or pick a goal for the year and write it on your calendar every day. Write down what you’re aiming for, and make it as big and exciting as possible. Make it a point to be excited about playing golf. This is a sure way to set yourself up for success.

Come Up With Fun Things to Do

Putt It Like It’s Your Job is a great video on putting strategies. While it’s great if you are practicing with your instructor, be sure to get out on the course at least three times a week with other people and just putt. This is a great way to try different putting approaches and you’ll get more positive feedback from your playing partners on how your game is improving. It also helps you to be confident in your own game, which will help you make better putts.

Identify Your Strengths

If you’re struggling to make the putts, it’s easy to think you’re in a rut. Instead, make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Think about everything you do well and also the things that you have trouble with. Get as detailed as possible in your lists, including reasons why you may be having trouble and any solutions you have to improve your weaknesses.

The reason I recommend doing this is because by highlighting your strengths you can go out there and play more freely. By identifying the things that you’re actually good at, you can use that knowledge to be more confident on the course. Plus, if you know your weaknesses, you can decide to play somewhere where you’re less likely to make a big mistake.

Another big reason to make a list of your strengths is because you can use them to help you improve on the holes you are struggling on. I’ve found that a lot of people get to the point of not even playing well because they haven’t found the best ways to improve their game. This list is just the beginning of your path to improvement. Once you find the solution to a hole you struggle on, you’ll be able to put that knowledge to use on the other holes.

By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be in a much better position to really concentrate on your putting. It’ll make the task of improving your game less overwhelming, and if all else fails, you can just tell the course you’re not good at putting and then make use of some other green on the course.