6 Weeks to Golf Fitness – What Are You waiting for?

Six weeks to golf fitness is something that many golfers have wanted to achieve. Looking to improve your drive’s distance, reduce the number of golf outs, lower your handicap on average or just to enjoy the sport more? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Golf fitness can be easily achieved by targeting specific muscle groups. You see, when we hit a golf ball, the body’s natural reaction is to move our hips, thus effectively adding momentum to our swing.

Therefore, in order to add more power and distance to your shots, you need to make sure you have high muscular activity. That is what most golfers do not realize when they go to their local fitness facility. A lot of these facilities are only focused on endurance exercises and cardio programs. While they may work your heart rate, they do not target the muscles that are critical to golfers. What is the result? In the end, they do not help you add any power or distance to your shots!

With this in mind, here is some good information for you. I have been a member of over 10 local fitness clubs and I have never met a single golfer (with my own count) who did not do some type of golf fitness training at least twice per week. Most of these club members were older than me, probably in their thirties or forties! And I was one of them! So, I have seen the changes in strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and overall energy levels of my older golfers who have done the proper fitness workouts on a consistent basis.

Now, here are the secrets for what I believe is the absolute best 6 weeks to golf fitness program that has ever been developed. It has been developed by a former big iron player who is now a professional personal trainer. He wanted to see if a high quality fitness workout could produce the results that he was seeing from his own players. After doing tons of research, he discovered that his favorite workout partner had helped his swing improve by +.2! There were many other positive benefits to his players as well.

What really got me interested in these types of fitness programs was the fact that they had been developed by active people who were in great shape. And, more importantly, these fitness programs came with an active guarantee. As a result, I could buy into the program without having to take the guarantee in to consideration. This is when I made the decision to jump in and give it a try myself.

The program is designed to do three important things for golfers. First, it will increase your flexibility by strengthening the core muscles in your legs and feet. Second, through a unique series of exercises, it will increase your fitness for off the tee. Finally, through a series of fun workouts that are shown in a logical progression, it will increase your stamina and accuracy. And, the most important thing is that these workouts are done in an easy step-by-step home exercise format that even everyday golfers can do.

For me, I was able to start seeing positive results in my game in about 6 weeks. Within 6 weeks, I noticed that I was moving up in my driver distance. And, not only that, but I was also hitting straighter shots and having a better round on the course. Then, in about a month, I noticed that my chipping was improving. So, basically, what I have done here is tried a high quality golf fitness workout that I could do at home, in my spare time, which has made a tremendous impact on my game.

What does this mean? It means that if you are like many everyday golfers out there, you really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers, equipment, etc. Instead, you can follow a series of 6 steps to quickly develop a better game for yourself. You don’t need to know anything about nutrition or fitness or anything like that. All you need is a set of simple, easy to follow step-by-step home exercise programs that will help you quickly develop an overall higher level of fitness.