A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Fashion

Golf fashion is all about being comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Whether it is a pair of jeans or a stylish polo shirt, golf apparel plays a vital role in enhancing your looks. Not only can it protect you from the harsh elements of nature, it can also help you exude an air of confidence. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing golf apparel.

A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Fashion


When you talk about golf attire, you must immediately think of protection. When you are out there, you will surely be exposed to sun and rain at times. This can do severe damage to your skin if you do not make adequate precautions. One of the most important items that you should consider investing in is a good pair of golf shoes. Although they may seem to be unimportant, the truth is they can be your best bet at times. Look for quality footwear that has rubber soles so you can prevent your feet from slipping around.


Golf apparel nowadays usually includes jackets. These jackets have to be waterproof as well as durable to bear the rigors of the game. However, if you are thinking of buying men’s polo shirts, you may want to buy ones that come with removable linings. This way, you can change the linings depending on the temperature outside. Just make sure that the linings are breathable to allow your body to breathe.


You should also pay attention to other accessories such as sunglasses, golf caps, towels, and socks. Having the right accessories can enhance your golf attire to look more complete. Men’s polo shirts are also great options for golfing. They come in different colors and styles to complement your look.


If you are wearing men’s polo shirts, do not forget to accessorize them with cufflinks. This will give the shirt a more formal look. There are many options for cufflinks, so choose one that goes well with your polo shirt. You can go for simple studs or fancy cufflinks depending on what kind of look you want to achieve.


Golf fashion has undergone a lot of changes these days. Now, it is even more important to be conscious about your golf attire. Golf has always been considered a masculine sport that is why golf fashion has also followed suit. The only difference is now it applies to both men and women. As long as your golf attire complements your personality, you can look very stylish and chic in golf.