A Variety of Options For All Skill Levels

Located in Maryland’s beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Golf Course Ocean City is a relaxing 18-hole public golf course designed by famed golf course architect Robert Trent Jones. The first official golf course built in the state of Maryland, the site also hosts many entertaining events, including year-round championship golfing and events held at the club’s annual Great Outdoor Adventure Festival. This venue is a popular summer destination for locals and tourists alike. In addition to regularly scheduled tournaments, Golf Course Ocean City hosts a number of fun activities for locals and visitors to its grounds. Many locals live in the area and enjoy golfing on a regular basis, and the town serves as a great place to live, play, and go to do many other things.

Located less than an hour from Ocean City, Golf Course is among the most highly rated courses in the state. Designed by noted architect Robert Trent Jones, the layout of the property features three distinct holes. Players must first negotiate water between the ocean and the clubhouse before they can make their way into the fairway. After hitting the fairway, players can proceed onto the second course, which features two bunkers on the left and right side of the course. Players need to hit the flagstick three times to gain access to the green for the game.

The scenic landscape of Golf Course Ocean City MD includes many breathtaking views, as well as an abundance of wildlife. Located within the boundaries of the Ocean City municipal recreation area, the public golf course is open to all who attend. However, due to strict city rules regarding noise levels and other issues, Golf Course Ocean City may not be suitable for those who own private golf properties in the area. If you are interested in playing at the course during non-public hours, you will need to get permission from the property owner before making your trip.

Those who are traveling with a handicap need not worry about the facilities available at Golf Course Ocean City. Because it is a country club, players of all skill levels are able to play. Additionally, there are several restaurants located on the premises, so golfers do not need to travel too far for food. Those who are traveling with children can also enjoy the restaurants and shops that are located on the premises.

The courses are separated by marked lines, and players are allowed to move between the different courses using designated lanes. Because Golf Course Ocean City MD has a number of resorts and clubs located on the property, there are designated routes for players to use to move between courses. There is even a bus route that provides transportation between the various courses on a regular basis. If you are interested in playing multiple games at one time, you can choose a different course each day. This gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite course, while meeting and speaking with fellow golfers. In addition to practicing, you can enjoy the undisturbed serenity of the ocean during daylight hours.

Golf Course Ocean City MD offers a great variety of courses that are suitable for all skill levels. This is another reason why players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy playing on this popular course. No matter what your skill level, there is sure to be a course that you can play. With the number of courses offered, it is not hard to find one that you will be happy playing. Whether you choose to play on an open course, or on a covered course, you are sure to have a great time playing on the incredible golfing experience offered by Golf Course Ocean City MD.