Bayonet Golf Course – Fort Ord, CA

The official website of The Masters of Sports and Entertainment (Masters) offers a great deal of information on the famous Bayonet Golf Course. In case you are unfamiliar with the course it is situated in Camarillo, California and was designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus. The website indicates that this is not your average golf course, and the bunkers are arranged in such a way as to challenge the player in a physical manner. In case you are interested in learning more about the course and how you can get a hold of this unique opportunity then please read on.

In case you have played on a normal golf course before then you may well be aware that par 4’s at most places are par 3’s on the Fort Ord fairways. However, the bayonet golf course has unique par 4’s and these are arranged in such a way as to challenge both your physical skills as well as your mental skills. This means that you will have to master both skills in order to excel at this challenging course. The par 4’s at the bayonet golf course are arranged in a way as to have a natural slope on most of them. This means that the player will have to master their skills to the effect that the slope can be of a beneficial kind.

One of the features of this particular course listed above is the fact that it can be played independently as well as being able to be tied into a program so that the golfer does not have to physically travel to the venue of play. This is an added advantage which will make the game even more challenging for the average golfer. It is worth mentioning that the Bayonet Golf Course was also designed by some of the great golfers in the world. So you can be sure that your performance in the sport will be at its best when you play this course listed above.

Another exciting aspect of playing at the bayonet golf course is that the course has been designed and placed in such a way as to provide an excellent view of the green from every angle. As a result, the golfer will not have to think about looking to their left or their right in order to find the ball. The visibility will allow the golfer to play the game in a manner that he or she will enjoy.

A major reason why this particular course is so popular among golfers of all ages is because of the par four course which links three different places. This means that the golfer does not need to stop on the green in order to sight in the ball. He or she will be able to play the round entirely without stopping at the clubhouse. Some courses have par three and four as well as par five and six locations. These types of golf courses tend to be very difficult to manage and play.

The final reason why many people choose to play at Bayonet Golf Course, Fort Ord, California is because it is not only highly rated by golfers but is also well known for its unique architecture. The clubhouse and par 4 course are constructed in a Spanish style that combines elements from several different styles of building. This unique design is part of the reason why this course has become so popular with visitors from around the world. No other golf course in California can make such claims.