Beautiful Shawnee Golf Course Offers Affordable Anytime Rates For Families

The Shawnee golf course is located twenty miles east of Stuttgart in Baldwin County. It is named for William Shawnee, who was the first person to hold a share of this particular public golf course. He was also an accomplished woodsman, as were many of the men who later owned and maintained the property that forms this particular golf course. Today, William Shawnee is very proud of the legacy he has left to this golf course. He is very thankful to the people who helped him acquire this particular piece of land and maintain it for golfers to play on today.

For a great place to golf, one must head to Tillinghast. This area is located approximately ten miles east of Stuttgart, and is south of Lake Lanier. Tillinghast was previously operated as a country club with links and eighteen holes. It later was converted into a golf resort with a driving range, putting green, and a large putting area. Today, thousands of tourists visit the golf resort, as well as, the golf courses. Golfers can enjoy a day of shopping, dinner, and a show at the night.

The golf resort was constructed by the same people who built the luxurious Winterplace Resort. The two resorts share the same executive offices and use the exact same outstandingly beautiful golf courses. A few years ago, the Winterplace Resort was sold to Pure Golf, Inc. and the golf course remained open for season. Now, Pure Golf owns the entire golf course and operates it as a luxury golf resort. In addition to the luxurious hotel accommodations, the entire golf resort offers guests a challenging program of events and activities year round.

The golf courses at the Lake shawnee golf course have a spectacular backdrop that is filled with trees and foliage. The green patterns and landscape are lush with a mix of oak, maple, ash, hickory, aspen, birch, and pine. The par-70 layout of the golf course is designed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the most successful tour pros of all time. The 18-hole golf course has a par-70 layout that challenges players of all skill levels. The challenging par-70 layout features three holes that feature bunkers on the second, third, and fourth holes.

If you are a new comer to the sport of golf, or an experienced golfer looking for affordable anytime rates, the Lake shawnee golf course is the place to stay. In addition to having golf courses for beginner and advanced golfers, there is also a putting area for those who prefer to play more than just a round. There are also tennis courts at the golf courses which are located next to the driving range. The tennis courts offer players the opportunity to practice their tennis skills before hitting the links on the fairways.

This affordable anytime rates gives couples the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of golfing without having to go all out and spend too much money. Instead of staying at a golf resort or other golf-themed location, couples can stay in a comfortable hotel that allows them to golf whenever they want. Couples can also take advantage of some of the activities offered at the golf courses during the summer months, including tennis, water activities, hiking, horseback riding, and so much more.

Families with small children can find the Lake shawnee golf course very relaxing. Because the course is indoors, it will not be a problem for children to get lost or pick up the wrong golf clubs. Plus, the courses are pet friendly, which makes them safe for children to play around. In addition to offering affordable anytime rates, the course also offers special programs for kids such as the Little League and Girl Scout Trojans.

Families can even have their wedding on the golf course. A couple’s honeymoon can be one of the most romantic experiences of their lives, and getting married at the beautiful Lake shawnee golf course can make it even better. With so many activities available year-round at the golf course, it will be easy for any family to find something to do. Couples can even stay at the same hotel as their guests, and take advantage of complimentary breakfast, weekly packages, and special deals for children.