Beginner Golf Tips – 3 Tips For Beginner Golfers

For the thousands of golf enthusiasts worldwide who play the sport, finding tips for beginner golfers can be a somewhat daunting task. Not only did they find out just how intimidating, and complicated the sport can be to beginners but they also found out just how overwhelming some tips for beginner golfers can be. Not only that but there’s also a significant amount of it that’s plain foolish advice that’s easy for beginners to fall into. Here’s a look at some of that nonsense advice.


– Left-handers should hold the club with their right hand. This seems simple enough, but the reason it isn’t as simple is because of the dominance of the left-handers’ hands on the club. To make matters worse, the majority of beginner golfers simply grab their clubs and do nothing. When grabbing their club, the dominant hand is usually placed over the right thumb. Simply making the opposite adjustment from the correct way will result in a significantly better grip.

– Always lock your wrists. The vast majority of golfers think that they should put their hands on top of the club when they start their swing to allow more leverage, but the truth is that your hands must remain on the club face at all times throughout the backswing and downswing. Your hands will shift and move around a lot during the backswing and downswing, if you do not keep them on the club face. Remember that momentum is pulling your club face towards your body at all times.


– Try to use your left side when you’re making your backswing. Unless your left foot is raised high enough or your left heel is relatively flat, many golf instructors will tell you to use your right side. This is a mistake that I’ve made plenty of times in my young golfing career. Trying to use your left side will cause problems like your hands ending up on the club face or your shoulders and arms not being properly supported. Remember, you need to feel like you’re turning the club with your left foot, so focus on this and use your right side to turn your body.


– Keep your eyes on the ball throughout the golf swing. The first few times you play the sport, you may want to try to turn your eyes away from the ball. This is a mistake because it will result in you trying to look through the ball which results in you not having a good grip. Just remember to look through the ball and make sure that your eyes are on the club at all times.


– Keep your head down through your backswing and your downswing. You’ll often find that beginners make the mistake of turning their heads during their backswing. This causes them to have their head down too long, which can lead to poor accuracy. Your best bet is to keep your head down throughout your entire backswing. Make sure that you look through the ball and not through your backswing or downswing as well.


– Don’t play too fast during your downswing. While many people assume that they have to take their time during the backswing, in reality all you need to do is speed up a bit during your downswing. Some golf schools may tell you that you need to stop pulling your club back at the last minute, but I’ve never found this to be true and believe that it’s better to keep everything in your backswing and your downswing as quick as possible.


– Beginners often find themselves leaning over too far in their stance. The best way to keep your posture correct is to have your feet at least shoulder width apart. Then just bend your knees and hips so that your spine stays straight and your shoulders lift off the ground. Don’t forget to straighten your elbows as you swing.