Ben Hogan’s Golf Swing Secrets

Ben Hogan is a famous golfer and the very best known American PGA Professional. This isn’t a surprise because of his long and distinguished golfing career. This isn’t a memoir about his life though, rather a book that tells his golfing philosophy and winning tips. As with all golf books you buy, this one also has a Foreword and an Afterword.

The main theme of this book however is improving your golf swing. He says that most readers expect a book which only teaches golf techniques or strategies. What he does in this book is to provide the reader with a detailed description about his personal approach to hitting the ball as well as providing the reader with a set of hitting tips based on his own experience. He admits that the actual practice of hitting is way more important than what you read about in books.

There are lots of useful tips in the book including the importance of alignment and grip. In fact, alignment is very important because when your shoulders and your hands are aligned it will automatically make your swing smoother. It will give you better balance which, in turn, makes the whole golf swing a lot easier. The book specifically talks about maintaining proper balance.

Another aspect of the swing that is discussed is the short game. This includes putting, chipping and the short chips. The chipping and the short chips are relatively easy golf shots but they require precision. The aim of these shots is to put the ball off the ground as far as possible so that the other team doesn’t get a hole in one. The book also contains a number of hints and tips to help you master this part of the game.

The importance of keeping the right grip is also discussed in the book. Without a correct grip you will have difficulty in generating the power necessary to hit the ball with a great swing. This is why most golfers are always on the look out for a new and improved way of gripping the club. The best golfers in the world use the book “Golf Swing Secrets” as a reference manual for their every day swing.

Ben Hogan has also produced a number of videos that focus on specific parts of the golf swing. He claims that by watching the videos a golfer will be able to understand what it takes to become a great golfer. Many golfers who watch the videos find that it helps them improve their game and even go on to play better. These videos are easily available on the internet and many websites contain them.

Another important aspect of the golf swing secrets that Ben Hogan discusses is the posture needed for the correct golf swing. Most golfers do not stand correctly for the backswing and downswing. Correct posture enables a golfer to maintain their balance. If the posture is wrong, the weight will be shifted forward which will affect the power behind the shot.

The golf swing secrets that Ben Hogan talks about is definitely worth taking into consideration by golfers who want to get better at their game. Golf is an interesting and fun sport and there are a lot of people who have perfected it. Ben Hogan is definitely one of those people. If you want to get better at golf, you should definitely check out his information. It is certainly worth looking at.

As part of the golf swing secrets, Ben Hogan offers advice for proper stance. He believes that golfers should always sit with their feet apart at a distance of at least three feet. This helps to prevent them from having their feet moving when they take the golf swing. They should also remember not to bend their knees too much during the backswing and downswing as this can affect their accuracy.

Overall, Ben Hogan’s golf swing secrets are worth taking into consideration. He is certainly a well-known golf instructor. He has written many books and produced numerous videos that explain many golf swing tips. His website alone is chock full of information on golfing and techniques. All of this information is extremely useful to golfers. Whether you want to improve your game or even just want to have more fun playing, taking advantage of some of the tips that Hogan provides is a good idea.

In summary, if you are looking for a good golf swing secret or secrets, then look no further than Ben Hogan. His e-book on golfing is very helpful to new and amateur golfers as he explains all of the basics you need to know about the golf swing in a simple to understand manner. You will find that Ben’s e-books are a great way to get started improving your golf swing.