Best Golf Balls For Seniors – Selecting the Right Two Piece Ball

What’s the best golf balls for seniors? There are many factors that come into play when determining which is the best ball for you. Senior golfers have unique requirements for a good golf game. The senior golfer needs a different ball than his younger counterpart. Golfers of all ages can use different weight clubs, and use specific golf techniques.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors – Selecting the Right Two Piece Ball


Best Golf Balls For Seniors – Senior Golf Ball Reviews Here is a few different considerations you need to take into consideration before making a decision on what golf balls to buy. First, many seniors suffer from joint pain. This can lead to improper swing mechanics, resulting in more consistent scores but also lower handicap. When testing golf balls, we see that higher compression helps alleviate this problem.


Senior Golf Balls – Compression: Do you want a lower compression ball or one with additional layers? There are pros & cons to every kind. High-quality brands such as Callaway offer a high-compression design. Many older golfers prefer a dual-layered ball with additional layers because it helps add air flow around the ball. The added layer of foam helps add distance as well.


Two-piece Golf Balls: seniors frequently purchase two-piece golf balls; these golf balls generally have two layers, although one layer is often times replaced with a lighter weight model. Seniors also enjoy the dual-layered models because the extra layers add a level of feel good in the hands and help provide a bit of distance from the club head. Additional layers can be used for hygienic reasons. However, if a player feels that he needs added comfort and coverage for increased game play, he might opt for a single-piece ball with two layers.


Soft Golf Balls: One major complaint seniors commonly have about their game is that they have slow swing speeds. A key goal for any golfer is to improve swing speed. By comparing the various golf balls available, you will easily see that there is a huge difference in the compression densities, weight, and rebound effect ball options available. There are many soft golf balls in the lower to medium price range that will help increase swing speed.


Top-of-the-Line Golf Balls: Many of the top manufacturers have created high-spinning golf balls for seniors. Top-of-the-line ball features include dimples, which help generate extra spin. There are high-tech hollow plastic “tubes” that help add spin as well, but without reducing the weight of the ball. These top-of-the-line balls can add distance to your game as well as power. The best high-spin balls for seniors should also have good length and width.


Two-piece Ball: Two-piece golf balls are great options for golfers who want to add some speed and extra distance to their game. Typically, a two-piece ball is made up of two layers. Typically the inner layer is made from more graphite, which helps increase the ball’s spin. The outer layer is made from a softer material, such as a feather or synthetic material. Additional layers can be added for extra distance.


Extra Layers: Some two-piece balls have two additional layers. The secondary layers provide additional spin as well as extra-distance. The best golf balls for seniors should contain between two and four layers. The additional layers will create more spin and distance. This combination is great for seniors who are looking to improve their game.


Multi-Layers: Multi-layer golf balls are great for those who are looking to improve their flexibility and their performance on the course. Typically, a multi-layer ball is made with an inner core consisting of rubber or vinyl. Then it has an outer layer that is made primarily of either graphite or feather. This combination offers an improved feel than traditional two-piece balls, which are made with just one layer.


High Swell Speed: High swing speeds are a major concern for golfers. In order to increase swing speed, golfers need to increase the speed in their downswing. Golfers often try to correct their swing speed by changing their shaft flex. Unfortunately, the only real way to correct swing speed is with more flexible golf clubs. The best golf balls for seniors are typically made with extra firm materials, which allow for greater loft and extra distance.


Extra Loft: A major problem for older golfers is that their swing does not fully reach the ball once they hit it. Because of this, they tend to slice the ball or even hit the top of the ball with their club face. An excellent way to combat this is to purchase golf balls with extra loft. This will help them achieve greater swing speed and hit the ball with a better follow through.