Best Golf Courses Around the World

There are over 100 great golf courses in various places around the globe in places such as Scotland, Australia, Ireland, and even the United States. Many people who love to play golf have decided to get a guidebook and travel to all of these wonderful courses. Below, 10 places you want to golf to at least once in lifetime.

St. Andrews, Scotland. This is located right next to the English Channel and has some of the best golf courses you can find. Every year during the British Open, the best golf courses play in this course for the amateur as well as professional golfers.

Peterborough, England. If you enjoy playing the open green, you will love playing at Peterborough. It is the home of the British Open, one of the longest running tournaments in the world. Many people who are serious about playing golf visit St. Andrews because of this. You can get on a long haul team with the local high school. It is the easiest way to win some money.

Ayrshire, Scotland. This is a town full of rolling hills. You can find every golf course you could imagine in Ayrshire. There is the Blackpool Golf Club, the Maxstoke Park Course, and of course, the famous Paddington Golf Course. Every golfer loves to play here, whether he is an amateur or a professional.

Claddagh, Ireland. This is a town filled with history. It was the original home of William Joyce, one of the greatest Scottish golfers of all time. He created many of the holes in the Claddagh layout. This will be a great place for you to get some practice before heading to your next golf vacation.

Dornoch, Scotland. The name of this town is quite fitting, since it is where the Dornoch Peninsula is located. This is a great course for you to practice your golfing skills at. If you are looking for a championship, then the Dornoch course is the place for you.

Prescot, England. This is a town that is near the city of London. This is a great place for a golfer to spend time, as there are so many different golf courses to choose from. Royal County Golf Club is located here, as is the Fairmont Chase club.

If you want to play a round of golf at a course with some of the best scenery around, then you need to check out the golf courses at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in County Clare. This course was built by William Balfour. It is an eighteen-hole course that has a par three that is played on a wet area. The greens have not been changed much since it was built, and the resort offers many packages for groups, families and loved ones. You will also find that you can stay at the award winning ashram of the 21st century, the oakmont country club.

If you love the idea of a round of golf while on holiday in New Jersey, then you need to check out the courses at the Ramblewood Resort. You will find that this is one of the most challenging courses in the area, and that the best golf courses around are located in New Jersey. You can save the money you would spend on a golf vacation at this resort, when you play these courses.

In Scotland, you will want to check out the courses at Duncraig Castle. The name of the course is in honor of Robert E. Speen who is the Scotland’s greatest golf tournament winner. This course hosts some of the best tournaments in Europe, including the Masters. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club is also located in Scotland.

A few hours north of New Jersey, you will find the PGA’s longest open championship course. The Black Bear Golf Club was built to be the longest continuously running open championship course in America. It has holes with par four’s ranging from one hundred fifty feet to two thousand feet. This is a hole that requires a professional to shoot par five’s for it to even be considered an open championship.

If you enjoy playing at golf courses with other golfers, then you should check out the Bay course at St. Barths. This is a four hundred yard course that is hosted by the Puerto Vallarta resort. This course has holes that range from nine hundred feet to two thousand feet in elevation. It is the first tee is sixteen feet above sea level. It has been named the US Open of Golf.