Burke Lake Golf Center – Enjoy Your Round of Golf on the Fairway

Burke Lake is a course that was once located on the property of the St. Lawrence River, but today it is a part of the Burke Lake Resort. The Burke Lake Resort hosts the St. Lawrence Riverflow tournament every year, which attracts thousands of golfers from all over the world. The fairways at this venue are constructed of concrete and feature a mixture of woods and greens. However, they still offer the traditional undulating fairway with several bunkers, water hazards and vertical hazards. The 18-hole golf course was built by the famous Ron Laverney.

Another attraction at the Burke Lake Golf Center is the driving range. Built in the original Riverflow design, it has three different sizes of holes (medium, small and large) to allow beginners and experienced golfers to have a fun experience on a challenging course. The driving range features a sand trap, water hazard and green protector to help protect the fairways.

The second place to check out while in Burke is the nine holes of the par four course. This course is built on the grounds of an old dairy farm. While on your visit, be sure to try the driving range. The par four contains only three holes that have a total distance of less than nine yards. Some of these include the par three, which has a short course and a long iron. The short game at the Burke Lake Golf Center includes chipping, pitching and chipping greens.

The third hole at the burke lake golf center includes a spectacular view of the Shenandoah River and the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains. During your round, be sure to stop by the fairfax station to pick up some maps of the area. From the fairfax station, you can drive three miles to the Mountain River campground. The campground offers easy access to the Shenandoah River as well as the Appalachian Trail.

A burke golf course might not be the best choice for the person who is new to golf. Before you make your first visit to the golf course, be sure to practice at the fairfax station. Be sure to bring along a golf towel to remove any dust that may accumulate on the green. At the Mountain River campground, purchase a map to the area before you leave. You can then plan on hitting several holes on the fairway during your round of golf at the burke lake golf center.

While you will find some interesting holes on the greens, the real action will be found on the greens themselves. Just like many other golf courses, the 18-hole course at the burke lake golf center offers a couple of different approaches to the short game. It is recommended that you practice your short game on the fairway before moving up to the greens. Once you have mastered the short game on the fairway, you will be better prepared for the competition on the greens.