Calculating the Average Golf Club Weight

So here you have it, the long and short of it on golf club weight! All that you need to know about golf club size, weight, length and measurements! Hope that this article helps you when it comes to packing, shipping your new clubs. As long as you accurately measure your golf clubs size and weight before purchasing any bag or case, you will have no problems. You will also be able to see what other people have purchased for golf club size and weight.

Golf club weights can vary greatly. Just like cars, lighter clubs weigh more and heavier clubs weigh less. Just like with golf clubs, the lighter the club the easier it will be for you to hit your shots. But the heavier the club the harder it is to swing a good ball.

Golf club weights can be used in two main ways. The first way is to determine how much weight your golf club will safely carry depending on your height and body type. For example, if you are tall ( taller than you are broad) then you should carry an iron. If you are short, narrow (under 5’10” or so) then an iron will be too heavy.

Dry weight is the amount of weight that is empty when you compare it to the dry weight of the club. When you measure your golf club weight it is not the actual weight that you will carry in your hands. It is the weight that is empty when you are carrying the club. The difference between “dry weight” and “dry” is the actual weight the club will be when you are finished using it.

Strata Complete Set: When you are weighing the golf club weight you are also including the weight of the five wood clubs that make up the strata complete set. The five wood clubs weigh one pound for each and every club. The average golfer is carrying around at least a dozen golf clubs with them at all times during their golfing career. The Strata complete set will weigh about twenty-three pounds total.

Shipping Golf Clubs – When you add the weight of the other golf clubs and the bag you will have to determine the average shipping golf clubs weight. The average player should be carrying around six golf clubs while they are on the course. However, if you are only shipping the bag and the clubs are included in the package you will need to determine the average weight for the entire set. The easiest way to do this is to divide the golf club weight of the entire set by the number of golf clubs in the package. Therefore, if you are weighing one hundred and fifty pounds you would divide this weight by the number of clubs in the package to get an average shipping golf clubs weight.

The Strata putter and the putter sleeve are two of the heaviest clubs on the market at approximately twenty-five kilograms each. The putter is one of the hardest clubs to ship as it is almost as heavy as the putting stroke itself. To calculate the average weight for the Strata putter simply divide twenty-five kilograms by the number of putters in the package to get an average weight. This calculation is for both the Strata putter and the putter sleeve.

Golf Cart Bags – If you are just using your golf cart for short trips you will typically not be taking your golf club with you on the trip. If you are using your cart to drive to the range and practice you will be carrying the bag and the club together. Typically the golf cart bag will be one that you can see and weigh on the back. To calculate the average weight for a golf cart bag you multiply the weight of the bag by twelve to get the weight for the golf clubs inside the bag.