Can Golf Clubs Be Repaired?

How much does it cost to repair your golf clubs? This is one question that many people ask when they are involved in an accident and the result of the accident is a broken shaft. Broken shafts not only mean that you will not be able to play, but also you will have to pay a pretty penny to get your shafts replaced.

When you look at the cost of the replacement, you will find that most people do not have to spend much money. If you look around you will find that some golf stores will charge you more than others for the same thing. Even at golf stores the price is different. Many people assume that when they go to their local golf pro shops that the prices that are charged there are the same everywhere else, and if so they are very wrong.

Golf clubs need to be properly maintained in order for them to perform well for you on a consistent basis. If you have a new set of clubs, you should always go through the set with a fine tooth comb in order to make sure that no small cracks have appeared in the club heads. Small cracks can lead to the dreaded green-out which can potentially ruin a tournament. You may be tempted to throw them out but it is best to save them for another time.

Cracks in golf club shafts are not the only reason for replacing your sets. If you have been using the same clubs for years and they have been breaking, it could be that the material that is being used has developed an allergy to you. There are several different materials that you can choose from such as titanium, steel, acrylic and fiberglass. All are excellent choices but each one reacts differently to your body chemistry making them less than ideal choices for golfers who spend a lot of time on their equipment.

Before you even begin to think about the issue of repair or replacement, you should first determine how much does it cost to replace a set of clubs. Most professional golf stores have a very helpful staff available to help you determine the approximate cost of your clubs. If you are just starting out and just have a few clubs, you may want to try a cheap set until you know that you are going to spend more money in the long run. Once you have established a budget, you can then talk to a professional shop and figure out how much exactly it will cost to repair the clubs. The repair process may take longer than replacing the clubs as they usually have more moving parts.

When talking to a professional shop about the issue of damaged golf clubs, you will likely be offered a free estimate. This allows you to compare prices with other repair shops in your area before deciding on who to use. The estimate will include the cost of the materials and labor as well as any guarantee that are offered by the shop on their used golf clubs. The estimate is typically an estimate as to the cost of one new or one used golf ball.

If the shaft has bent or broken off, you can often have it replaced for less than the cost of buying a new or used golf clubs package set. You can also ask if they will cut the broken part off for you so that you can use it on another club that is still in your bag. If the shaft is bent but the head is still intact, you can take it to a locksmith to have it fixed. This is not an uncommon practice.

For used golf clubs that are damaged or broken, it is important to have the entire set replaced. Most professionals will replace all of the clubs in a full set at one time. This will allow you to keep all four clubs in your bag at all times. In some cases, the repair process will allow you to continue using the damaged clubs until the entire set is replaced. To learn more about this practice, contact your local professional tour instructor.