Casual Women’s Golf Outfit Tips

Womens golf apparel has come a long way over the years. When the golfing public realized that women also played the game, many brands came out with clothing lines specifically for this growing market. Many of these brands aimed particularly at the younger women and had stylish designs. There have not been any real changes in the apparel styles for ladies over the last few decades, but that is changing.

One of the things that golfers seem to enjoy the most now is comfort. This game may not be considered as high energy or active as tennis, football or aerobics, but it is still physical and demands the player be on their feet. A casual golf outfit helps to keep the player comfortable as they play. They need to move around and bend, and need to have something lightweight and flexible to help them with this movement.

Casual clothes are usually quite flexible, making it easier for women to move around. For the most part, golfing outfits are made from lightweight materials, but there are some that are constructed from more heavy fabrics. These are called shells, which give the golf outfit a shell like appearance. The fabrics used for this style of garment may have little or no collars but are typically stretchy and made of breathable fabrics.

There are not many women who have the privilege of playing a round of golf every weekend as a casual hobby. However, for these women who do participate in the sport, there is the need to look good in the attire that they wear. The days of choosing solid golfing colors have long gone by, and today’s women have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Some of the popular colors are green, white, ivory, red and black. These colors can blend with just about any outfit for the golfing course.

When it comes to shoes, there are several styles that women should consider wearing. Flat or sandals are great choices for sunny days on the course. Then there are flip-flops for the more slippery greens. For greens with obstacles, cleats are the perfect choice. However, flat-soled shoes will work for all but the toughest greens.

For the most casual look, women can opt for jeans, tees and a cotton shirt. However, for an outfit that will help them stay on their feet throughout the round, it is best to opt for a polo-neck shirt that has an attached belt. It is also important to ensure that the pants match the shirt and other accessories to create a cohesive look.

When the course is less packed, then it is time to break out the golf shoes. The right pair of shoes will provide players with the stability that is needed on the greens. For a casual day at the fairways, many women prefer the strap type sandal to avoid injury and that the colors remain bright on their outfit.

Another option for a woman’s golf getup is the cardigan. This is an excellent choice for warmer days because it keeps the body heat in. Women who are used to wearing long sleeves will find that the cardigan can provide the warmth that they need to stay on their game. A golf cardigan is the best choice for those going green with the boys, or for women who are just looking to make a great impression on the course.

For windy conditions, or when the course is hard packed, the best option is the windbreaker. These kinds of outfits are perfect for hot days when the winds blow strongly. Most windbreakers have zippers that will make them easy to take off and put back on. The right material makes all the difference as well. Soft fabrics are best when the course is windy, and a heavy knitted material is best for cooler days.

When buying golf clubs for a casual get together, it is wise to consider the shaft flex. The shaft should be stiff enough to help avoid slicing the ball while keeping control. Many golf courses have restrictions on the type of clubs that are allowed on the greens. Before heading out on a golfing excursion, find out what is allowed and stick with the proper equipment.

While any outfit is not exactly classy, a light sweater in a dark hue is always welcomed. This also helps to carry away the cold. When heading out, opt for shoes with a narrow heel. While they might look better on the golf course, they are not ideal for a casual get together. Shoes with a wide toe box are the best choice.