Champion Golf Course in Sarasota Florida

Champion Golf Course, is a highly regarded Semi- Privately owned golf course, situated in Cantonment, Florida. The club was established in 1974 by Jack Nicklaus, and offers the player’s best opportunity to play quality golf while maintaining a low price. It has always been a top performing golf course and regularly attracts professional and novice golfers alike, due to its unique challenging course layout. In this article we will take a look at what the course has to offer, and what the pros think about it.

The first time I was at the champion golf course, I had the feeling that the course was not as tough as some of the others that were around. I walked up to one of the workers and asked him what the difficulty of the course really was. He told me that the greens were not very challenging at all. I asked him if there was a pro shop inside the resort? He told me that there was, however the prices here were quite different from other pro shops.

When I went out to the tee, I noticed that the area was quite nice. There were large green spaces, which gave the golfer plenty of room to drive and the feel of the turf was nice and cushioned. When I looked up, I could see that the fairways extended all the way towards the ocean, which is where the real challenge would lie. As I approached the first bend on my approach, I could see that there were some pine trees growing on the right side of the fairway, and a couple of huge condos on the left. Apparently, condo living is popular in this area because the views are great and the price is affordable.

After taking a few shots, I could tell that the terrain of the course was mainly flat with some bunkers in the middle and some tight bends. There are three different types of bunkers at the Champion Golf Course; they are basically called bunker, box, and sand. The sand is used primarily for advanced holes, but some holes have experienced players using the box tees. I didn’t have a problem with these tee markers as they are not very difficult to hit and give a nice solid hook or fade. For the holes that I had to use bunker golf tees, I was able to hit them fairly easily, but a few times I lost my chip shot while using the sand. With these small changes to the greens, the course would be more challenging without the bunkers.

Throughout the course, there are many different vendors, including a coffee shop and gift shop. I did notice that they had changed around the gift shop from having many different items and offerings to only having one or two items. There were also a couple of tables set up for those who were waiting to play. There was also an option to buy your round directly at the resort if you so choose. Overall, the food at the Champion golf courses is excellent, and the service was great.

As far as the overall packages go, there are five championship courses, a pool, four restaurants, a spa, a health club, and a bar. The golf packages alone cost hundreds of dollars, but the added things make the package even more expensive. The club has a lifetime membership for just over one hundred dollars, and there are other annual fees that will bump the total up into the thousands of dollars range. Most people I talked to said that they had no complaints about the resort whatsoever, but I wouldn’t book an annual membership unless I was going to have a blast. If you want to enjoy playing golf at an affordable price, then the Champion Florida Resort is definitely the place for you.