Cheapest Golf Tournament Tickets

We all know how hard it can be to get a golf tournament started, especially in the winter. This year, our local course has decided to cancel all upcoming golf tournaments for this coming January. Why? Because of the upcoming wet season.


This past week’s total rainfall across the area is currently at 9.08 inches. This is not quite as high as last year’s rainfall which was at 9.20 inches, but it’s still high enough to do some damage. Fortunately, this is only the beginning of our winter. So, if you want to play golf this coming weekend, we suggest that you consult with your local course management before you play.


“Why is there a drought in my region? ,” you might ask. Well, the answer lies in the fact that the rainfall last year was only one-fifth of that expected. So, if you want to play in the TPC Kentucky Highland Golf Tournament in Lexington, Kentucky, during May and June, you will need to purchase your tournament insurance prior to signing up. The insurance policy will cover a full 18 holes of golf course at your choice of any of the TPC courses located in the immediate area of your home city, or within a four hour drive of your home city.


“What about the major championship tournament I am playing in next year? Will I be covered?” Yes, if you buy your tournament package. Most major championship tournaments are usually covered as long as the major championship is being held within the same city, state, or a few additional U.S. states (for the men’s and women’s) during the year.


“If I buy a round trip ticket, can I save money on the rest of the trip?” Unfortunately, you will have to find out what airline or hotel packages they offer for a round trip. If they do not offer any package, you will have to factor in the cost of your flight into their price. Also, if you are playing a second round or better, you will probably have to pay more to play at the same course unless it is a member’s event. If the tournament you are playing in is a second-round or better, expect to pay the regular price for an extra round.


“What about the golf tournament I am playing in over the summer?” Unfortunately, if you are playing in a PGA tour event during the summer time, you will not be covered during the winter months. As mentioned above, most tour events are typically covered for most golfers playing during the season. However, some tournaments (such as the PGA tour) will occasionally offer a second, and third round free during the summer months. If your event is one of these tournaments, you will have to check when the golf tournament will be played in order to get the cheapest possible tickets.