Choosing a Golf Outfit For Your Wedding

For some reason, when I think of couples golf attire, I don’t think of a polo shirt and khaki pants. In fact, I have never seen any polo shirt or khaki pants used on a golf course. That is until I was told about the “Charles Schwab challenge.” (The author is not related to Schwab, who is a well-known author and golf course designer.) What we are talking about here is a couple’s golf outfit that includes a polo shirt, a short-sleeved shirt with a collar, an oversize pair of khaki pants, and a pair of pga shoes.

Charles Schwab is a renowned golf course designer. He is the founder of the PGA Tour golfing organization. He is also known for his creativity on the greens. A couple of years ago, Schwab was challenged by two professional golfers – one of them a seven-time major tournament player – to design a golf program for their small children. One of the challenges to Schwab involved taking the family to a golf resort in northern California.

The accommodations at the resort were poor. No television, no Internet access, no access to a mini-golf course. When the husband of one of the mothers came home from the golf course, he told his husband that the vacation he had spent was not much fun. “They kept us like lambs,” his husband said. “They did not give us the best resort accommodations nor the best food.”

The couple was not alone. Many other couples say that they felt “like robots” on their trip to and from the golf course. The only bright spot on the trip was a couple’s golf day at a local country club. But the golf course was very bumpy. One golfer said that the greens were so uneven that he could not use a putter on the second hole.

Fortunately, some golf enthusiasts and resorts have seen the light and offer great packages for couples on vacation. A couple’s golf outfit may include housing at one of the many luxurious resorts, access to tennis or badminton courts, and dining at fine restaurants. Other packages may include ground transportation, game room access, and meals and tours at top destinations. There are also golf camps where couples can get together for bonding and instruction.

The number of couples golf outfitters has increased as golf has become more popular in recent years. Golf packages can be found for weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, and other special occasions. Couples often choose a couples golf outfit because it offers more than just the basics: two towels, a golf cart, and a cart bag. Some outfitters even provide private lessons for couples so that the entire family (and golfing buddies) can learn from the pros. If that’s not enough, some outfitters provide entertainment, like a round of miniature golf or a day at the beach.

Before going on a golf course, couples should carefully review their options. Some properties require pre-approval; others accept all forms of financing, but most charge extra for group lessons. Some courses charge for daily rounds; others charge for multiple rounds during the same weekend.

When a couple is on vacation, it’s helpful to have everything they need at their fingertips. Whether they’re looking for a simple canopy for shade or a cart with a built-in radio, couples golf outfits can be had at most resorts for an affordable price. In addition, couples can play at public golf courses and enjoy the added benefit of getting free golf lessons. If they choose to book a hotel, they’ll have the option of staying in a gated compound or sharing the resort with other couples.