Choosing Between Golf Simulators For Home

Choosing Between Golf Simulators For Home

Do you know of any golf simulators for home use that are cheap enough to afford and easy enough for your children to use? Most avid golfers at some point, especially during the cold winter months, have gone to an indoor golf course to play a round on a golf simulator. But those pricey commercial golf simulators aren’t always available. Of course, if you do have that type of money lying around just to invest in a toy like that, you’ll want to seek out some cheaper options instead. Here are two that are relatively inexpensive and easy for even small children to use:


iFit – This is one of the most popular golf simulators for home use. You can find models in both handheld units or you can get larger ones that require a hook up to your home TV or other computer. It’s not a bad choice, as it offers many of the same features of larger models at a price that most families can easily afford. Plus, the setup is pretty simple. All you need to do is plug it into your computer and then hook up your iPhone to the television.


Your Choice – While many of the golf simulators for home come in one specific model, there are a wide range of choices. Each manufacturer offers a wide range of features for their models, as well as different set ups and prices for each. But for the least expensive choices, you should look at both the iPhone and the handheld iFit.


That’s just a quick selection of two of the home golf simulators for home that you can purchase. And even though they offer many of the same features, their sets up may differ. So take the time to read up on reviews so that you don’t end up buying the wrong simulator set up. The last thing you want is to get your new device and find out that it’s either not compatible with your computer, or you can’t even connect to it with your Mac. So be careful.


One final choice is the vista 8 simulator. This is one of the newest simulators to come out, but it also offers one of the best price points. You can pick up a good vista 8 unit for around $100, which is less than most high-end models. Plus, the swing response of this unit is among the best you can get from any other model, pro or for home. It’s easy to see why the vista is such a favorite with professionals.


Once you’ve picked out the golf simulator package that’s right for you, don’t forget to consider any add on options that may be available. Some of the pro packages include tutorials that will help you improve your game in ways you never thought possible. Some of the add on options you can choose from include custom clubs, various types of courses, and a selection of club wear. But the best thing is that many of the manufacturers allow you to try out these add on products before you buy the golf simulator package. So if you like them, you might just end up buying the whole package.