Choosing From Oahu’s Best Golf Courses

If you are looking for a golf course to visit while on your vacation, you should consider Golf Course Oahu. This is the only course on Oahu that is completely enclosed on all sides by mountains. The greens at Golf Course Oahu are unlike any other on the island. They feature traditional, native grasses with some being completely indigenous to the island and others being very unique to the golf course. The course is only seven miles long and features three holes of 18 holes each.

There are many unique features that can be found at this golf course. One of these features is the tidal range in the area. Most golf courses are limited to a certain compass direction for determining the topography of the golf course. The tidal range allows golfers to hit a golf ball off the ocean and still stay within the boundaries of the golf course.

Oahu’s second course is Sunset Lagoon. Unlike most golf courses, which offer water access only, Sunset Lagoon is open to all golfers. It was one of the original golf courses that opened on Oahu when it first opened. The golf course was designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus, famous golf course designer. The best feature about this course is its location. It is just a short distance from Waikiki and the islands.

Another golf course that can be found on Oahu is the Bear track, which is also on the island’s oceanside. This course is built upon a cliff, hence the name, but the course features sweeping fairways, bunkers and tree lined fairways. Like the golf course, it is located on the Oahu beach. Bear track provides the ultimate challenge in playing on an ocean.

A third golf course that is on Oahu’s oceanside is the Lanai Resort and Spa. If you are looking for a relaxing golf course on the ocean, the Lanai Resort and Spa is the place for you. It is nestled on a private island with a great view of the ocean. The golf course is unlike any other on Oahu. It has 18 holes plus the Lanai resort pool.

For those who prefer to play golf on wet terrain, there are two other courses for their Oahu vacation. The Windansea course is located on the Big Island’s Windan Sea and features a wide range of terrain from tight sand to wide open grass. It is one of the newest golf courses on Oahu. And if you prefer playing on grassy areas with trees, then the Banyan Tree Golf Course is your best option.

But these aren’t the only golf courses on Oahu. There are many other options. They range from challenging holes with tall grasses to challenging holes that allow you to shoot from close to the water. As you probably can imagine, golf is a great sport to play throughout all weather conditions. Whether it is rain, snow or shine, there is an Oahu golf course waiting just for you.

When you visit Oahu, plan to stay at one of the many five-star resorts. These luxury resorts offer their guests the very best in amenities and golf courses. But if you really want to play a game of golf at its best, then visit one of the Oahu golf courses. You will have fun, feel great and will likely return to Hawaii with a sense of pride and contentment that you may not have felt since you first bought that golf clubs!

There are two major Oahu golf courses to choose from; Diamond Head and the Pali Lookout. Both of these courses are considered to be some of the most challenging on Oahu and can provide the golfer with a truly wonderful experience. The Pali Lookout course is the more challenging of the two by several notches. However, it is also the most beautiful. And if you are looking for a place to go away from the commercialization of the Oahu landscape, then this is definitely the place for you.

There are other golf courses on Oahu that are popular resorts, such as Hanalei Bay Golf Course. This golf course is only about a half mile from Hanalei Bay Hotel and the water. If you are coming from Kauai, you won’t have to drive too far.

Of course, no Oahu golf course would be complete without a few oceanfront dining options. After all, the main reason people come to golf courses in Oahu is to relax and enjoy themselves. So if you are planning on playing a round at any of the Oahu golf courses, you may want to think about trying one of the restaurants near the fairways.