Choosing From The Best Golf Courses In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the perfect golfing destination for both new and experienced golfers. The city offers a wide variety of different golf courses to play on, ranging from challenging 18 hole golf courses for amateurs to professionally groomed golf courses for professionals. In addition to golf courses there are also many outdoor activities, parks, playgrounds and other attractions in and around the city of Colorado Springs. Here are some tips for tourists looking to find the golf courses of interest in Colorado Springs.

Most of the golf courses that are found in Colorado Springs are located in a relatively small area. However, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park offers a challenging golf course. Another local favorite is Bear Mountain Resort and Spa, which offers players a challenging eighteen-hole golf course as well as an equally challenging hot air balloon ride. Other courses include Riverfront Park, Blenheim Country Club, and the Hidden Valley Golf Club. These are but a few of the local options for golf courses in Colorado Springs, and there are certainly more than a few in the area.

For those who are in the market for a vacation home in the mountains, St. Thomas Golf and Country Club is a great spot to check out. With nine holes each of par four and five and three full golf clubs onsite, this course is perfect for both beginners and professionals alike. It has spectacular scenery and offers a challenging experience, which is often absent of golf courses in Colorado Springs. Of course, with any vacation spot there are sure to be other attractions to see while one is on the course. Many golf courses offer shuttle services or provide golfers with a rental car as they make their way around the course.

Two other courses in the area include Black Bear Golf Course and Golden Bear Resort, both of which offer players a challenging eighteen-hole golf course. Black Bear’s downhill golf course is especially exciting, featuring two distinct short holes and three bridges that rise straight out of the fairway. Other holes here offer players an opportunity to practice from on top of a large rockery or to admire the beautiful scenery surrounding the course.

While Black Bear is a popular golf course, some prefer Golden Bear Resort because of its easier, but equally challenging layout. The resort features seven different holes, including three pitching holes and one sand hole. Each of these holes offer a unique perspective from the standpoint of the green, which helps to add to the overall challenges of the game. Players can also enjoy the oceanfront restaurants and shops in the area, making it easy to get out of the golf course with enough time left for relaxation.

Of course, many of the golf courses in Colorado Springs offer scenic views from their stands, giving golfers plenty of inspiration for their games. Jim Burke Golf Course is one of the most famous courses in the city, having been put on the map by famed golfer Jack Nicklaus. Featuring five par four’s, a putting area, and even a miniature putting green, players are able to practice all they want without being concerned about other players on the course. The course is suited to beginners and experienced players, who are given plenty of practice by the staff. If you enjoy a quiet afternoon, it’s the perfect place for you to perfect your golfing skills.

The St. Francis Golf Course is also a favorite among golfers in the area. Named after the arch enemy of the French, St. Francis of Assissi, the course is located just east of downtown Colorado Springs. This par 4 golf course features two hundred and fifty bunkers and links that stretch over four hundred feet. The greens are marked with tees and can be used for practice and even for playing in tournaments. The elevation of the greens makes them challenging, but easy enough for most golf courses to offer.

Finally, for those golfers who are looking for the ultimate challenge, The Black Canyon Club can provide just that. The eighteen-hole course is one of the northwest’s most difficult golf courses and is only played in the winter. Black Canyon is also home to an impressive waterfall, which adds to the drama of the course. For players who are interested in playing on the water, Black Canyon is definitely the course for them. No matter what your skill level is, you can find the perfect golf course in Colorado Springs that will give you everything you’re looking for.