Choosing the Right Golf Equipment Bags

Golf equipment bags are just as essential to the golfer’s game as the clubs themselves. There is a wide range of golf equipment bags on the market. They vary greatly in style, functionality and expense. Some of the most important factors when shopping for a golf bag are:

The most common type of golf bag includes five discs: two drivers, one putter and one disc golf disc. Two drivers are usually meant for beginners. Many beginners start with ten discs and slowly work their way up the golf ranks using fewer discs. A beginner should purchase five discs that are of similar weight and stability, for instance a seven-disc disc golf setup might be better suited to an adult golfer who is just getting started.

As with any sporting goods, there are several brands, styles and options available. Two of the most popular types of disc golf bags are the saddle purse and the cart bag. If cost is an issue, then a simple carry bag would be sufficient. A saddle purse is best used for shorter trips, like those from the range or local course. On the other hand, cart bags are better for longer outings and more challenging courses.

The traditional seven-disc disc golf setup is still favored by many novices. Although it can be expensive to buy, it allows you to practice a variety of shots, which helps to develop your game. One of the most important things to consider when choosing seven-discs for your disc golf equipment bag are the kind of shots you tend to use the most.

The two most common types of discs used for low to mid-range drives are the driver and the putter. The driver is ideal for a person who is just learning, since it lets them generate power into their shots and work on their putting skills. Coupled with a good driver, a mid-range disc like a tempo driver can help to take strokes off your game. For even more distance, opt for a putter, which is great for long drives as well as chipping and putting.

Two other types of discs to consider are the two-disc tandem and the flex-metal flex. The two-disc tandem requires two people to play, and they tend to give less distance than the one-disc set. The flex metal flex offers a medium-to-high distance for putters, but is more forgiving for errors. Since these discs are meant for different skill levels, it’s important that you get the proper ones for your level.

Other types of equipment bags include bucket or saddle bags and cart bags. Bucket golf equipment bags are great for carrying extra tees, balls, towels and other small accessories. Saddle bags are ideal if you like riding a horse, since you can sling your bag over your shoulder. Cart bags offer a lightweight alternative to the aforementioned luggage bags. These have many different designs and they are perfect for carrying golfing accessories like tees, ropes and other equipment. Whatever bag you choose, bear in mind how important it is to maintain your equipment bags and other golfing accessories properly.

While golf equipment bags are indispensable for every golfer, having the right one can mean the difference between a bad day and a great one. You don’t want to take your fairway drivers, mats, tees and putters to the local golf superstore each time you need them. Rather, invest in the proper golf equipment bags that will make carrying them around the course easier and more efficient. You’ll likely find that it’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off for years to come.