Correct Golf Swing Techniques and Posture

There are a few important golf swing mechanics that need to be remembered during the course of any golf game. It is important that a golfer’s hands and arms always follow her when swinging his clubs. The swing should be in harmony with the player. This is what makes golf swing mechanics work.

The first is the golf ball position. Depending on how far the shot will be, a golfer should place her feet approximately two- to three feet from the ball. To ensure maximum distance, the stance of the golfer should be set with her feet in place. This allows the back foot to be about one-quarter inch away from her toes, rather than the traditional golf swing position.

The Takeaway: This is the next phase of your swing. The backswing should start with your front foot weight. The take-away phase allows for the weight of the golfer to shift to her back foot. This gives the player a longer backswing and more counter-rotation towards the hips.

Third, The Transition. Many golfers overlook the transition because they focus on the downswing and follow-through. The transition occurs when weight shifts to the front. This is why many golfers have difficulty keeping their lower body properly aligned at the end of the backswing. The transition simply gives the golfer a chance to center her body and get her swing all lined up properly.

The Fourth: The Downswing. This is perhaps the most neglected part of the swing. It occurs approximately two seconds before the hands of the golfer reach the top part of their backswing. The takeaway is an essential stage of golf that most players forget about. Of course, the entire process of the downswing is important, but it’s critical for proper golf swing basics.

Of course, there are many other elements of the golf swing. However, these five things are certainly important parts of the overall process and should be kept in mind by any golfer who wants to improve his game. Even the best golfers will benefit from focusing on these basics if they want to be competitive.

If you’ve been keeping up with the golf swing basics, you may have noticed that keeping your feet shoulder-width apart is crucial. Keep your left foot forward of the right one, even when you’re hitting the ball at a hundred yards per hour or more. Even when hitting shorter shots, your right arm should be pointing straight over your left shoulder. Even though your right and left arms have separate muscles, you should try to work them together. You shouldn’t attempt to perform more than one movement at once. This can hinder your ability to feel the proper feeling of motion.

Last but not least, proper posture for golf should be based on the alignment of your feet and the tilt of the spine. A tilted spine will not only affect how the ball hits you, but can also hinder your lower back and hips from reaching the ball properly. For a better stance, cross your arms just over the top of your head and keep that position for several seconds.