Create A Unique Look With Your Own DIY Golf Cake Topper

If you are thinking of throwing a Birthday party this year then maybe you will want to look at getting the guests involved in some sort of a DIY Golf Cake. This can be a great way to get the guys out of the house and into the good stuff. You could get your golfing friends all decked out in their best golf gear. They can even put their clubs on their toppers. This is a great idea for any birthday, but especially for a guy’s birthday.


A birthday is a special occasion and toasts are said and songs are sung. This is another reason why you would want to choose a unique topper for your DIY Golf Cake. You could find a variety of toppers to choose from. It could be a golf club topper or even one that has something to do with the game of golf. For example, if you are throwing a Birthday Party then you might want to go with something like “Happy Birthday, Sir” or “To the World” for Men or “A Round The World on Wheels”.


Finding unique toppers can be a pain because you just have to keep going back to see what is there. Most of the toppers are very easy to find and you should not have too much trouble finding a topper that suits your birthday or even your entire birthday celebration. Online sites are a great place to start. Here you will be able to find hundreds of different suppliers of this type of cake.


Once you have decided on the right supplier then it is time to choose the right topper for your needs. This is going to be determined by the design of your entire golf themed cake and the topper you choose. Some toppers would be better for a round or vase shaped cake. You can also choose topper designs such as hearts, stars, golf clubs or even a golf ball if you would like.


You may want to add toppers to your cake in the shape of a golf ball to really make it look neat. If you are going for a very classy look, you can try topper designs such as those that are hand carved. This may take some time to do so but you can be sure to have a beautiful piece of art on your cake that you can display for all to see. Just make sure that your topper is removable and can be cleaned easily.


For a more inexpensive option you can choose topper that is made out of clear plastic. These plastic toppers are going to look a lot like a real golf cake topper and they are really easy to clean. Just use a plastic scrubbing pad to get the stains out. Then simply pop the topper back into place so that your golf party is ready to have fun again.