Desert Willow Golf Course

The Desert Willow Golf Club is located in Cordell County, Arizona. This 18-hole, par 60 golf course has a full-service pro shop & a well-structured practice area with a large driving range. It’s also home to the official Desert Willow Resort.

The Desert Willow Golf Course is not as difficult as some people might think. Its layout makes it a challenge to chip, roll and fade. That being said, this course has a few hazards in its layout that can be tricky to deal with. The first hazard is the two water bunkers located on the north and south ends of the fairways. From here, you must jump over obstacles in order to gain access to the green.

If you want to practice your chipping or rolling shots, you will need to either jump or roll over sand traps. There are also sand traps near the putting greens. You need to pay close attention to the wind at all times when playing this course. The wind is often a lot faster than at other courses around this location.

Desert Willow Golf Course is considered to be a medium to challenging course for any golf player to play. You will find several obstacles in this course that require precise shots in order to complete them. Driving on the sand is not easy so it is important to concentrate on your aiming points while puttingt. The course also includes three sand traps and one elevation. Because of the many hazards this course offers, it is recommended that you join a guided golfing group to take advantage of a professional’s guidance.

The Desert Willow Golf Club is not just for beginners though. It is also a great venue for experienced golfers. Experienced players may find that the challenges found in this course are difficult but very rewarding. Playing in such a challenging course provides many memorable moments to be experienced. Although it is a challenging course, the reward you receive from mastering it is well worth it.

The Desert Willow Golf Course is open daily from noon until dark. There is plenty of parking available to accommodate all of your vehicles. The clubhouse area is large with an excellent view of the course. You can enjoy your stay at this luxurious resort while enjoying your golf experience.

The facilities found at this course are impressive. Due to the amount of land that is used, all of the course holes are surrounded by large trees making it easy to get the perfect shot from any direction. Every hole also has an elevated green that allows for easy chipping and putting. Many of the holes also include water hazards in case you need to retrieve a golf ball that you struck out.

The Desert Willow Golf Course is the perfect venue for any type of golfing experience you are planning. You can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of golfing in this tranquil environment. You can also have the satisfaction of a good score when you play the course. This course has everything you could ever want while playing on the links. Playing on the sand will help to challenge you on every shot, while the relaxing atmosphere of the club house will allow you to relax after each round.