Disc Golf Accessories – Pro Tips For Buying the Right Accessories

If you are new to disc golf, then one of the best ways to learn the sport is by using disc golf accessories. There are lots of great accessories that will make your rounds much more convenient. However, you have to know which ones are important for you to have. Here are three great accessories that I use all the time.

Disc Golf Accessories – Pro Tips For Buying the Right Accessories


The Discraft XL Lite is one of the most popular disc golf accessories on the market today. It is made by Discraft, the leader in high-performance plastics used for professional disc golf products.

Discraft has been an established company for over 80 years, so you know that you are getting top-notch materials, along with great customer service, to support your game. To show how well the XL comes apart for the beginner or intermediate player, check out the disc golf flags/signs, disc golf bags, keychains/badges, disc golf patches, and many other disc golf accessories.


Along with the Discraft XL, I highly recommend getting some of the other great disc golf accessories on the market today. Items like the Prodigy Frisbee, the Outlet Frisbees, or the Tee Time Frisbees may seem unnecessary, but they can be very useful once you get started. Items like the Discraft tees and towels along with the Ultimate Tee can help improve your game, depending on how good you are at throwing your tees. Also, I recommend buying the discs, markers, and any other custom items like special logo clubs, mats, gloves, etc.


The most important disc golf accessories that you should buy are of course your towels. You should find the correct size and color of towels that are made for your specific brand of handheld. If you have sweaty hands, I recommend getting a couple of heavy duty towels that have absorbent properties. If you have average-sized sweaty hands, then you can use either a hand towel or a hand washcloth.


Another great addition to your arsenal of disc golf accessories is a set of disc golf bag straps. You need something to hold your discs securely while you are carrying them around. Often times, you can find discount handles on bags that will work just fine, but if you want to make sure that your bags are protected, get a bag strap. I recommend a durable pair of rope handle backpack straps. These bags straps will also keep your discs safe and secure while in transport.


Finally, the last of my recommended disc golf accessories is an innova disc golf mini marker. This little device will help you mark your drives. If you are not familiar with these little devices, basically, they are little touch screen devices that you put your disc onto and then write on it using a dry erase pen. You can purchase this product for under twenty dollars at most online vendors.