Disc Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game

Disc Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game

I’m sure you have heard the old adage “you get out of your box what you put into it”, well this is true for disc golf too. The more work you put in the better you will play, and this is very true for your upper body. Many players find that their upper body takes a lot of the load off of their arms. They can then put more energy into the back swing which results in more distance for their shots. This is also true for lower arm strength which is lessened by a lack of upper body strength. So if you want to get better at disc golf, always stretch before and after every game.


Upper Body – Disc golfers who already have upper body strength will find that their flexibility will improve as well. When we are younger we are always flexing and lifting our body up, but as we age our joints become stiff and we lose our suppleness. This means that when we are flexing and lifting our body it puts a strain on our bodies, which results in us putting more effort into our shots. So if you want to improve your game you must always stretch before and after every game.


Flexibility – The last thing any professional sports team wants to do is have a player’s injury due to not being flexible. One of the main reasons that disc golfers get injuries is because of their flexibility. It is important to be flexible enough to move your body side to side while running, jumping and throwing. One of the best ways to stay flexible is to get a sports massage from a licensed therapist. You can also learn some great stretching exercises for your upper body and lower body from the various sports network websites.


Stretching – Did you know that you can develop a better hand placement for your disc golf shots? Well this is because of a simple muscle stretch! You can stretch this by simply pulling your fingers back towards your body and then towards your goal. Do this repeatedly for as long as you can. Remember to warm up first by doing some disc golf stretches.


Strength and Flexibility – You may not know it, but disc golf stretches actually help develop strength in a specific area of your body. For instance, you can strengthen your legs by doing the same stretching technique that you did for your arms. This is a very effective method of developing your lower body strength and flexibility. In fact, many professional disc golfers have been using these types of stretches as part of their training routine.


Muscles become stronger by doing more resistance or exercise. You can do disc golf stretches that focus on building up your quads, pectorals, trapezius, triceps and biceps. These types of exercises to build strength and endurance for faster disc retrieval. They also help you prevent injury by increasing your muscle mobility.


You can easily do disc golf stretches at home. All you need is access to a pair of dumbbells and a bench. Start out with the basic stretches such as those listed above. But as you progress, try to add in some more advanced techniques such as those that train you for proper motion, balance and core strength. This will ensure that you always get that power you need to send the disc just off the tee.


Healthy Tips – You should also make sure that you’re drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. This will also help you perform at your best when you take your discs out on the course. Also, it will help you have a more controlled game, especially if you’re going up against someone with much more speed and physical ability. It will increase your odds in winning by a small margin, which is all you really need on the course.