DIY Backyard Putting Green How To Build

A Backyard Putting Green can be set up both outdoors and inside your home and consists of a perimeter of surrounding fringe grass. A yard putting green is a great method to get outside without having to invest a heap on greens charges.

Junior can be an excellent putter prior to he’s strong enough to reach the green in one shot off the tee. A yard putting green makes it easy to unwind after work … in your home.

A putting green can run between $15 to $25 per square foot, according to Tour Greens, a synthetic turf business, though that cost can differ depending on how comprehensive the project will get.

DIY Mini Golf Course

Those that choose to go the DIY route with a backyard putting green will have to plan ahead since a few of the turf will need to be soaked to shrink and cut to the right dimensions.

Tour Greens suggests that in the very first month of installing its putting greens that they be brushed and rolled 4 times, then twice in the second month and as required following that. More leading dressing and infill will require to be included occasionally to keep it rolling as it should.

You can use the high quality nylon artificial turf or synthetic lawn to replicates the look of a real golf green.┬áDig four holes and make a little sand trap on the side. Eliminate a few of weeds surrounding and mold them. Stake the callaway flags into the ground and then the holes are just 4 inch PVC coupling. That’ all! Simple and easy artificial turf putting green.