Easy Golf Cake Design For Dads

When most people think of golf cake design, they assume that only women obsess over golf cake design. However, men also enjoy golf cake design and can enjoy it as much or even more than women. The funny thing is that men and women are equally interested in golf cake design. So why not have a little fun with your golf cake design?

Easy Golf Cake Design For Dads


Baking a golf ball cake is easy, but it doesn’t necessarily require any special cooking skills. All you need for this cake are regular cake pans with no-stick coating. Start by making sure that you have the right ratio of ingredients. A good general rule to go by is to use one whole package of baking soda with one egg, one cup of milk, and half a cup of white sugar.


There are many ways you could make a golf cake but here are two of the more popular ones. One method involves folding a piece of aluminum foil over a non-stick surface and pouring the batter into the pan. The next method is to simply roll out the batter on a non-stick pizza peel and place the cake on top. Either method works just as well. The important thing is that when you serve your guests with this cake, it will look like the perfect golf fan wedding cake.


If you want to make this golf cake for dad, you’ll need to think a little differently. Most golfers would think of a golf ball when they hear “golf cake.” The more common term for this type of cake design for dads is a golf course cake, which makes sense because dads love golf as much as moms (and vice versa). To create this cake for dad, you’ll need to buy a golf ball shaped cake pan, about one and a half to two feet in diameter. Next you’ll need to grease or flour the bottom of the pan and line it with the golf ball, then interlock the cake pan together with the bottom of the golf ball.


One of the more unusual designs for golf cake courses for dad is to create a golf clock design. You’ll need a rectangle cake pan half the size of your golf ball, which is about three inches in width. Gather up some sand (you can get it from an old golf bag) and lightly cover the bottom of your rectangular cake pan with sand. Then draw a clock shape out onto your sand filled pan, and you have a unique golf clock for dad!


These cakes are great ideas for any golf event or party, but especially for father’s day. They’re easy to make, yet will impress whoever sees them. It’s not necessary to make anything dramatic or complicated – even just a simple golf cake design is better than nothing at all. After all, even the simplest birthday cake is always better than none at all!