Easy Golf Exercises For Seniors

Golf exercises for seniors are necessary to maintain or improve one’s golf game. Yes, even those just approaching the end of their life enjoy golf. Yes, even senior golfers sometimes struggle with the sport. But the game is far more accessible than most realize. Even those with physical limitations can enjoy the game as long as they know how to perform golf exercises for seniors.

Easy Golf Exercises For Seniors


Those who are beginning to play golf may find that it’s difficult to keep up with some of the advanced moves. Seniors often need a good regimen to keep them flexible, particularly in the lower body. One great way to do that is to perform leg exercises. Leg exercises, such as those that focus on the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, are excellent for increasing flexibility. Longer strides, more flexible muscles and a greater ability to repeat in the same direction all contribute to increased agility and mobility.


Flexibility is an essential component of a golfer’s game. It prevents injury, improves performance and can even save a player’s career. The most common joint restrictions occur in the front foot and the upper leg. Older Americans commonly experience problems with their front foot’s alignment, which results in imbalance and decreased flexibility. Knee exercises specifically designed to correct this condition can prevent knee injuries.


Other common ailments in older golfers include osteoarthritis in the knees and ankles and varicose veins. Many of these conditions affect the hip flexors, which are the muscles responsible for rotation in the pelvis and gliding in the golf swing. And because golf involves repetitive, unnatural motions, it’s important for seniors to stretch and strengthen their hip flexors and glutes. Two very popular golf exercises for seniors that are easy to do at home are sit ups and heel raise.


Sitting up is an exercise that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility to the abdominal and back muscles. It increases the strength of the oblique abdominals, rectus abdominis and teres major. In order to get stronger, you simply must keep your back straight throughout the exercise, which is much like doing push-ups. Each time you sit up, be sure to count three reps.


The standing forward bend, stretch is another great low-impact exercise that works the quadriceps and gluteus maximus. This exercise stretches the hip flexors, so that they will become more flexible and stronger. The hip flexors are responsible for rotation in the hips, and the stronger they are, the more control a golfer will have over the shot.


A forward bend is a stretching exercise, done by bending your knees and then leaning forward as far as you can, and then slowly bringing yourself back to the starting position. To perform this stretch, it’s important to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and to focus on maintaining proper form throughout the exercise. This exercise works the vastus lateralis, a large muscle that runs from just behind the knee to the top of the stomach. This muscle tends to get tense when you put a lot of force on it during the swing, and its ability to contract is what allows you to get more power out of your swing. This is one of many excellent golf exercises for seniors that focus on flexibility.


Finally, many golfing experts recommend some type of strength training for seniors to build their muscles and prevent injury. Golf exercises that strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and trunk are a great way for seniors to protect their bodies while enjoying the great game of golfing. Seniors can reap the benefits of strength training, even as they enjoy their favorite recreational activity.