Easy Golf Swing Sequence Tips

Golfers are always on the lookout for golf swing sequence tips that will lead to more consistency. But what is the common mistake made by most amateur golfers? They commit the same mistake over again, resulting in poor shots and low scores. Here are some golf swing sequence tips you can use right now to improve your golf swing.

Your backswing should start your golf swing sequence tips right away. The backswing starts when your left foot begins to turn or move backwards. It’s important that your backswing doesn’t just turn sideways, because this will cause your shoulders to shift. You want your backswing to turn to a swing that opens up your shoulders, releases your wrists and allows you to have more control over your golf club.

To make sure you don’t lose your footing or get out of balance while swinging, make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Keep in mind that your golf swing sequence tips recommend you begin your swing with your hips rather than from your thighs or heels. Also, it’s important that you keep your back in a neutral position throughout your golf swing. If your hips try to move during your backswing, you will likely have an open face, which will lead to poor golf shots and bad shots on the green.

In your downswing, you need to maintain your proper posture. To do this, keep your knees slightly bent, keep your back straight and don’t rotate your shoulders. Once your back is properly set, your hips will begin their turn. Your golf swing sequence tips recommend you release your wrists only at the last part of your downswing.

Once your hips have begun their turn, your setup will follow. Your setup should be completed with your hands on the club, with your eyes on the ball all the way through your backswing, downswing and through the top of your golf swing. As you come into the ball, make sure you have your golf swing sequence tips in mind and that you follow through on your downswing and through the ball. Make sure that your body keeps its balance and that your back stays straight throughout your swing. You want to hit the ball squarely between your target line and the ball.

Another good golf swing sequence tip is to keep your eye on the target. This will help to ensure that you do not squander energy trying to hit the golf ball while your arms and body work against each other. As your clubface starts to face your target, your left shoulder will naturally turn towards the target and your hips will turn with it. As you hit the ball, your shoulder will automatically turn away from the target. It is vital that you follow through your swing.

Finally, another useful tip is to maintain a good golf swing sequence when the wind is at its best. When the wind blows from the right to left side of the fairway, you should put your right foot forward and make sure that it is directly in line with the target. Your left foot, if it was not already in line with the target earlier during the backswing, should now be in the same line. Then, you simply need to turn your shoulders and swing your club head naturally. This should lead to a high percentage of golf clubhead contact with the ball.

If you follow these golf swing tips and put them to use, you will be able to generate more power and distance from your golf shots. Additionally, you will be able to maintain more consistent tempo within your golf game as well. And, of course, these golf swing tips will also help to shorten the learning curve. As you progress and become more comfortable with your golf swing, you can then start to experiment with other golf swing tips to see what works best for you.