Enjoy the Day at the Turnberry Resort With a Golf Day at Ailsa Golf Course

The Turnberry golf course in Ayrshire, Scotland is one of the most famous and beautiful courses around. It is located near the town of Portree and was designed by none other than Robert von Hagge who won the first ever golf tournament at the same course back in 1977. Today the course is open to the public and is played year round. It can be a challenge getting into the resort and getting your golf equipment from the local store but we have done that work for you.

To get to the Turnberry golf course from your home you will need to take the train. From the railway station in Ayrshire, Scotland, travel north until you reach the point where the golf resort is. The closest airport that services the airport is Inverness. From Inverness you can take a train south towards Glasgow and then either take a bus or taxi to get to the Turnberry golf course by traveling along the high fescue grasses.

Once you arrive at the turnberry golf course, there are three main buildings that you can go through as you walk towards the starting gate. On your left as you walk past the first building you will see the offices of the Royal and Ancient Club. Further down towards the border of the turnberry golf course, you will see a staircase which leads down to a large pool area. Finally, on your right you will notice a set of steps leading down towards the boundary of the high fescue grasses.

For a short distance after you see the ayrshire council building you will come to a small pub called the Horseshoe. This is where you can find out all about the history of the golf resort as well as a few interesting facts and history about the ayrshire golf course golf resort. If you are looking for more historical information, you can visit the museum which is located next to the Horseshoe.

While you are enjoying the day in the vicinity of the turnberry resort, you may want to consider a visit to the Ailsa Golf Course. Situated close to the turnberry resort, Ailsa golf course is an 18-hole championship course. If you are looking for some serious action, this course is definitely one for you. Ailsa golf course also offers two other locations that are open to golfers who would like to spend some time on the fairways. Located close to the turnberry resort, the Brae valley golf course has been given multiple awards for its top level of quality golf courses. The award-winning course has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers who return to the course on a regular basis.

The next day, you will return to the turnberry resort and continue your golfing experience at the Ailsa course. You will enjoy four times as many holes to play, along with all the amenities you would expect from an eighteen-hole golf course. When you have completed playing all of the holes at Ailsa course, you will return to the fairways and begin a new round of golf at the Ailsa golf resort. If you have not hit the fairway during the day, you will get the added advantage of having the drive time to relax on your own and enjoy the refreshing beverage offered at the resort’s bar.