Enjoy the Thrill of a Round of Golf on the Tribute Golf Course

If you are an avid golf player then the tribute golf course on wheels is one for you to look out for. The Tribute course is perfect for experienced players and beginners alike. The course offers golfing holidays of a lifetime with the driving range, chipping green and putter area. It is also close to the beach which offers an exciting chance to try your skills on the beach.

The golf course is situated within The Colony area which is only 23 miles away from DFW Airport. This is an authentic links course which features some very fine characteristics of true professional golfing in the Scottish tradition. The main course has an almost endless supply of greens with some challenges right through it and also some tricky holes on the edges. In total there are 6 holes plus the bonus hole in the centre which allows you to play four more rounds.

The tee times are posted on the website and can be seen online and the courses show a full schedule of when the tee times will be available. Many players choose this course as it offers everything they could possibly want including the most challenging layout to be played on. The resort is very family friendly and offers special deals for groups.

There are no shortage of shops and restaurants on the resort site and you can choose to stay in one of the hotels or the chalets. You can buy equipment and food from the shops or eat at the restaurants. You also have a choice of walking or taking the bus into the city. The buses run every few minutes and cost much less than the taxi fares to get to the city centre. The Tribute Golf Course is only 1 hours ago from Dallas, Texas and the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and it’s a quick and easy transfer if you don’t want to use the taxi.

The course at the Tribute Golf Course has a very scenic setting that is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and trees. This creates a very nice setting for the serious golfer who is looking for a challenge with the beautiful scenery around him. The courses are put on the old oak stand and the greens are constructed out of natural stone. The greens are put on top of sand which makes the playing experience much different from putting on a putter or driving on a course. The player passes through small holes and this adds a challenge to the game. The length of the holes are not very long and the scores start off low because the golfer has to learn how to control the ball so that it goes in the designated holes without hitting too many holes off the tee.

This course was built back in 1992 and is one of the newer courses that the tour operators have built. This course does require a lot of dedication and practice from the players as they do not get to tee off until just before dark. The players must know their way around the course as the greens are not particularly big. So the best thing is to get some lessons from the pro and get yourself acquainted with the course and then go out and play it at night. If you’re practicing on your own then try to get an early start on the 8 hours ago because the last two holes tend to be very tough.