Escape from the Rodeo – Play at the Lone Tree Golf Course in San Diego

One of the nicest courses I’ve ever played was on a Lone Tree Golf Course in North Palm Beach, Florida. The view was incredible and the course was beautiful. Beautiful surroundings, scenic course with an astounding driving range, great dining, weekly breakfast in a nearby country club, etc.

During the week, the greens were open to the public and free for golfers to use. During the winter season (fall), the greens can still be used by private golfers. A little history about the golf course. In the early 1900’s, the lone tree golf course was built by one of the most successful businessmen of that time Andrew Traister.

It was built so that golfers could test each hole by teeing off from two different locations. The driving range was circular and was built on a large hill. This caused some of the greens to be over 100 yards from the clubhouse.

A couple of notable names have won the US Open or competed at the US Open. Ernie El’s is an indoor professional golf course in San Diego. He has won the Sony Open, British Open and the PGA Championship. Justin Rose has also won the US Open. Additionally, there are many other professional golfers in the sport of golf, such as Curtis Strange, Aaron Baddeley, Ernie El, and Tiger Wood.

The lone tree golf course is a par 4 golf course. The first hole is an par 4 golf cart course. The second hole starts out of a shorter grass and makes a very pleasant approach to the green. With rolling fairways, the course is suitable for beginners.

Driving is done on a winding road to the front of the green. The first three holes are placed closer to the putting area. In addition, many of the fairway holes have vertical blinds that prevent an extra shot from being made. For those players who would like to practice their swings from close range, they can shoot from the two water hazards located at each end of the first and second holes. For many golfers, these extra strokes will help them improve their game.

As one travels to the back of the golf course, the rough starts to give. These greens are nonresidential and can only be accessed by residents. The nine holes are putted by the North American Le Mans circuit. Additionally, the club houses can provide any player with all the tools necessary to master the art of putting and driving the ball into the holes.

The golf course is open most Tuesday’s during the summer. However, there are a few hours that the course may not be available. The last minute rush usually comes in late August through early September. Lone Tree residents should plan to visit this California golf resort if they are in the mood for a round of golf on the weekend or some friendly competition on one of the non resident days.

Residents should check in with the Lone Tree office before heading out on the links on any given day. They offer special non resident package deals that include use of the putting greens and nine holes during the off season. This gives golfers a chance to play on a different course during the summer months.

Residents should pay special attention to the nine holes because they charge higher green fees. This is due to the limited number of players allowed on the greens during the week. Two other important greens that charge lower green fees are the Sunny Jim Resort and the Big Bear Golf Course. The cheapest rounds are played on weeknights while residents have access to the best courses on weekends.

The lone golf course offers residents the opportunity to play an improved version of the famous Woodie Pines course. The nine holes are now created in two distinct parts instead of the traditional three. These holes are placed closer together so that shots are made quicker. Residents should be aware though that rates 10 play 20 play 30 holes will still be higher than they were in the past. If you are a non resident the cost of round trips will probably be less expensive.

The Lone Tree also offers residents the opportunity to play the new Lone Tree Open which is situated right in the heart of the city. This course offers the benefit of short game play, long game play and an eighteen-hole championship course. The greens are surrounded by rolling fairways which provide a challenging environment for the golfer. Lone Tree also offers residents the chance to play at the Silverado Resort which offers residents great food, shopping and lodging. The resort offers residents the opportunity to play golf at the world renowned Silverado Golf Course.