Exercises to Improve Golf Swing

Exercises to Improve Golf Swing

Just ten minutes at the range to pre-tie a ball is a solid series of pre-snap golf fitness exercises designed to train your lower, middle, and upper parts of your physique to instantly contribute to enhance golf swing speed and power. Developing a consistent routine and sticking to it regardless of what the magnitude of the game of golf kicks at you could set your inner mind at ease. A lot of your swings are made at that position of the body you’re about to swing at. Keeping your posture straight and maintaining a forward head of steam will maximize your power and minimize your follow through.


There are four primary exercises for improving your golf game that can be done anywhere. These are abdominal exercises, hamstring exercises, core strengthening exercises, and golf specific exercises. With the variety of tools now available to home golfers it’s no surprise these exercises are one of the most used and frequently abused exercises in the entire world of physical conditioning.


To start with these exercises assume your normal position at the tee; however, keep your hands just above your left ear and place your right heel on the ground. Position your left foot forward slightly as well, but not more than one inch. Now take your golf club and address the ball with a controlled head and bring the club back as far as possible while exhaling deeply. Once you’ve struck the ball squarely into the fairway, you’ll need to relax and count to ten. This drill assumes you’re using a driver, but you’ll find this same drill works well with all clubs.


Now it’s time to execute the classic “Hitting the Green” exercise that Tiger Woods employs to great effect when preparing to hit the ball after the swing. Begin by lining up the golfer with his right foot forward, standing upright with the left leg bent. The golfer should be staring directly at the ball through the ball’s path.


Then the golfer should rotate his upper torso until his chin faces the sky and the left shoulder drop down. The hips should rotate naturally with the torso staying perfectly still. At the top of the swing the golfer should have his hands already moving toward his left side with the golf club behind him. The movement to create the swing motion should come from the lower half of the body and not the upper body.


For many golfers these exercises are uncomfortable and hard to execute consistently. The great thing about using a golf fitness program is that it doesn’t require any equipment or complicated technique to perform. Simply stand over the ball, place your feet flat on the ground, and relax.


Over time these exercises will help the golfer to focus on creating a consistent high impact to the ball with good timing. Many golfers make the mistake of swinging through the ball with their non-dominant hand which results in an inconsistent swing path. This can be frustrating to amateur golfers and lead to bad shots and even lost games.


Dr. Patrick Cohn, a fitness expert and former professional golfers believes that a swing path that is consistent throughout the address and through the ball is much more likely to be successful than one that is off balance. Dr. Cohn also believes that golfers who develop consistent high impact swings also have better overall fitness levels. He believes that improving one’s fitness level will also improve the player’s consistency with his swing. This is because muscle strength is directly linked to the power that is generated during a golf game. Consistency can be improved by strengthening the muscles that the player uses to hit the ball. Additionally, players who improve their fitness will be less likely to over-swing with their clubs resulting in less missed balls and more accurate shots.