Finding a Local Golf Course in Charleston SC

If you’re looking for the best golf courses in Charleston, SC then the Charleston Golf Club is your number one choice. This club is located right on the Water Opal Creek. The club houses some of the finest golf courses in the city. In fact, it has been said that they are the most popular golf courses in all of South Carolina. You will be amazed at how great they are.

Many golf course charleston sc areas have a wide variety of golf courses to offer, but only the Charleston golf course features the eighteen-hole championship course. The course features a bogie and steeple that’s a distance of three hundred feet. In addition, the course also features many water hazards throughout its four hundred thousand acres of land. Of course, the club has spent many years improving this course and it is considered to be one of the best in the area. This is why it features it’s very own signage.

This golf course is also known as the Diamond Bear River course because of the heavy use of the waters by people who like to row, canoe, swim and dive into the main river bed. The course offers players the chance to catch fish and to enjoy watching a great show. Since it’s located so close to the downtown area, you can even take a nice walk along the water to see the downtown skyline and the beautiful fall colors each year. However, the best part about this course is that you can bring your family along with you and spend some time just enjoying the view as well as playing some golf.

Just a stones throw from the Charleston golf course is the Black Bear River course which is also known as the Ramble Course. This course was built by the Ramblers in the early nineteen hundreds. It features eighteen holes plus the bogey range, putting and the putting green. The course is not highly challenging but it does offer an exciting feel with its fast pace as well as plenty of character.

A few minutes drive from the golf course is the course known as the Blue Ridge Parkway course. The Black Bear River portion of the course is on the other side of the Parkway. This course has been designed for players who are skillful and want to have a challenging look. The course features a beautiful layout as well as some great scenery that really brings out the best in the player.

The second course that is located in Charleston is the Ron Laver Tennis Center. This indoor tennis center has courts for both singles as well as doubles. This golf course is a well known name when it comes to indoor sports and has hosted the U.S. Open tennis tournament many times in the past. It features two unique holes with each having a unique orientation. It is well known as one of the better courses in Charleston and is a favorite among golfers of all ages.

The third course that can be found in Charleston is a public golf course known as Kingsley B. Cave course. This 18 hole course was built in 1931 and is well-known for its scenic views as well as being a challenging course. The greens are surrounded by beautiful scenery making this course a very attractive location to play. This course is also home to a public pond and Botanical Garden which allows the community to enjoy a beautiful sight while they play golf. Kingsley B. Cave course is open year round due to the inclement weather that sometimes makes other golf courses closed.

Two other popular golf courses in Charleston are the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at Wrightsville and the Avon Country Club course. Both of these golf courses are owned and operated by a company that also owns the course in question. Both of these fine golf courses are designed for professional golfers and provide challenging courses as well as scenic views. They are both well-known and well-suited for beginners to playing golf. All in all, with a little research online you should be able to find the perfect golf course for your family or personal enjoyment.