Finding the Perfect Golf Course for Your Colorado Vacation

Colorado has an abundance of golf courses, ranging from the traditional eighteen-hole Par seventy-two Regatta to the ultra-modern PGA Tour course courses that feature bunkers, waterfalls and lush vegetation. When golf courses are featured in a golf magazine, tournament or travel guide, they almost always include a photograph of the course from above or at an angle. The same is true of golf magazines, which usually display photos of only the best golf courses in the country, according to readers’ votes. Golf courses in Colorado often get mentioned in these magazines because of their proximity to beautiful Colorado attractions. Here are some examples.

The Black Canyon Club, located in Canon City, Colorado, is one of the most scenic golf courses in the country. It is ranked number seven by Golf Digest, and is one of the original eighteen clubs to be built at the Black Canyon National Park. The Black Canyon course is the only par seventy-two course to be built in the Park. This historic site includes two steep climbs, a massive sand trap, four waterfalls, and two graded bunkers. This picturesque course is also home to the Black Canyon Spring, where the first rainbow trout were caught and analyzed.

The Black Canyon course is a featured golf course in Colorado Springs. This three-hole par seventy-two course is ranked second out of all eighteen golf courses in Colorado. The resort features a spectacular view of the Colorado Mountains, including the famous Hot Air Balloon stunt in winter. The Black Canyon course was built by the Black Canyon Club in cooperation with the USGS and the University of Colorado.

Highlands Ranch is another impressive golf course, which is rated third by Golf Digest. Located north of Denver, near the town of Aurora, Highlands Ranch covers more than two hundred acres of magnificent land. The eighteen-hole golf course has been purposely designed to accommodate large groups of players, as well as residents and other groups. The landscape, vegetation, and elevation are all highly respected by golf enthusiasts.

Hidden Mountain is one of the newest golf courses in Colorado. It was one of the projects of a renowned architect, while still in the planning stages. Construction of the course began in 2021, and it is expected that it will be completed in 2021. The project has involved climbing to the top of the mountain, then scaling back down again. It is a challenging golf course, featuring nine holes with three different elevations and multiple bunkers.

Fort Collins is one of the oldest golf courses in Colorado, and it has consistently ranked high among golfers and professionals. The community is considered to be scenic, as well as a wonderful place to raise a family. Located on the northern slope of the Colorado Rockies, the Fort Collins golf course was built by the Jack Nicklaus Company, and is considered one of the most difficult golf courses in the country.

The Broyhill Pines Golf Course is located in Golden, Colorado, not far from Denver. Built in the late 1970s, the course is considered to be among the hardest on the planet. Due to the course’s difficulty and notoriety, it is not regarded as one of the easiest golf courses in the country. Only fourteen of the forty-two holes are grasses, and each is designed to challenge the golfer and push him or her to the limits of their ability. Many of the golf pros consider the Broyhill Pines to be one of the hardest golf courses in the country.

Of course, each of these golf courses offer their own special features and challenges. Each offers its own unique layout and challenges. By researching each of these courses, you will be able to find the perfect golf course for your golf vacations in Colorado.