First Birthday Golf Cake – A Classic Gift For a Baby

A birthday party for a newborn boy typically involves a cake. A cake can be traditional yellow with one color frosting or can be designed to represent the theme of the birthday boy. One of the most popular designs is a golf-themed birthday golf cake. A hole in one golf-shaped cake is a popular design for boys of all ages, but it is a favored design for boys about to become golfers.

First Birthday Golf Cake – A Classic Gift For a Baby


The hole in one birthday golf cake is an easy design that lends itself to several decorations. In the case of a hole in one cake, each round edge of the cake can be decorated in a different color. Using different shades of the same color, like red, blue, green, and purple, will create a festive look. Alternately, using different colors of icing will create a look that is crisp and elegant. To make the holes larger, you can use white frosting and fill them with chocolate chips.


For inspiration on this cake, start with a simple round cake. Use a basic round cake to mock the golf-hole look. Using dark frosting and a frosting tip that have a small hook, poke three holes in the cake with a long narrow fork. The fork is designed to catch the icing and keep it from dripping down the side. Repeat these steps until the cake has three holes on each side.


If you are making a hole in one birthday golf cake for a boy who is about to become a golfer, decorate the other side of the cake in a golfer’s favorite color. For this design, use yellow frosting and a purple frosting tip. These two colors match the golfer’s club, so if he wears a polo shirt or a golf shirt with polo stripes, it will perfectly match the birthday cake. Another way to decorate the cake for a golf birthday is to draw a golf hole on one side of the cake with a large circle as the divider. You can use frosting to make this pattern.


After the cake is decorated with a pattern, decorate it like a golf ball. Using two straight pins and long-ended thongs, pin the base of the cake to the base of the straight pin. The thongs will act as support as you add the golf ball to the cake. Start pinning the balls to the cake in a diagonal, right to left pattern, until there are four balls. Finish off by adding the first ball to the cake and placing a golf club on top of the cake.


To decorate the cake for the baby’s first birthday, use pale pink and light blue frosting. Make sure you use a frosting that won’t melt when it comes into contact with the cool baby’s skin. For added fun, try adding a golf-themed treat to the cake such as miniature golf clubs.