Four Golf Exercises For Seniors You Can Do

Golf is an excellent sport for seniors physically, emotionally, and socially. And while it’s not unusual for people in their later years to have problems or disabilities that keep them from participating in typical sporting activities, golf is still a good sport for older people. And even if it’s not typical, golf is still a good sport for older people and it’s a lot of fun. After all, wouldn’t you like to play a fun game that requires little more than a good pair of arms and some determination? And wouldn’t you like to feel stronger, more alert, better able to balance, more flexible, and generally “on top of the game”?

Golf is a sport that can benefit seniors in many ways. In fact, lots of seniors who had never before tried any type of athletic activity are discovering that by doing golf-related exercises on a regular basis, they are improving their health, feeling better, staying active, and preventing injury. And when done correctly (and regularly), stretching, warm-ups and golf fitness exercises for seniors can be a great way to start any golf-related program.

But even the best golf exercises for seniors can only go so far. So what can you do to improve your swing? The first step is to develop a good posture for the back. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the easiest is to simply raise your legs, taking your weight off the heels and concentrating on the back instead.

The next step to improving your golf swing is to do a couple of easy warm-up senior golf exercises, starting with a basic flexibility warm-up. You can find many free stretching and strengthening workouts at the website below. Before you do any stretches or exercises, make sure that your muscles are limber and flexible. Lie on the floor with your knees up, hips flexed, thighs parallel to the ground and have someone massage your back gently. Once you feel comfortable and can move around comfortably on the floor, do three sets of the stretches: two seated shoulder rolls and one standing one-arm roll.

After doing the one-arm roll, do a series of stretching for your upper body, stretching from your hips to your shoulders, then down your arms, and then across your chest and finally to your feet. Make sure that each of these stretches are done slowly and deliberately, because doing the same golf exercise incorrectly can cause injury. After doing the entire stretch correctly three times, do a few more sets of the stretches, all of them using the same stretching method, until your body muscles feel loose and flexible.

Another way to help yourself get stronger and flexible is to perform yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is an ancient practice that strengthens the body, mind, and spirit. Many seniors who play golf find yoga to be very relaxing and effective means of staying fit. In fact, a lot of seniors who play golf are starting to incorporate yoga into their fitness routines. If you’re not already practicing yoga, you may want to start today, as it can benefit you in many ways.

Finally, another great exercise to strengthen your muscles and get stronger is strength training. As you likely know, strength training is an excellent method for injury prevention in people of all ages. Whether you just want to gain a little bit of flexibility or build endurance, strength training exercises are ideal. Two common forms of strength training, you might want to look into are pushups and pullups.

Golf exercises for Seniors aren’t just exercises you do to stay fit and strong. They are also easy ways to strengthen your muscles and add to your overall flexibility. These stretches will help you as you age and continue to play golf. After all, even seniors can hit the links!