Golf Chipping Tips That Work

Golfers who want to improve their chipping need to remember the basics. The goal is to make the ball roll toward your target without bouncing or skidding too far. It is all about pitching and giving the ball a chance to get on the putting green without losing distance.

Golfers can accomplish this by putting their ball in the same position each time they attempt a chip. They should approach the ball at approximately a 45-degree angle, then release it toward the hole at the same speed as they would with a full swing. Once the ball is at the desired distance, it should roll to the hole and stop in one place.

Learning to chip is the hardest part of the game. If you can learn to chip, you are well on your way to playing well at golf. However, because of the error of assuming too much, golfers tend to stop after they learn how to chip. If you don’t get any better after you learn to chip, then it is time to switch to a new game or spend more time practicing with the short game.

When you are trying to improve your chipping, you need to keep your head still and let the ball do the work. You are going to have to commit and then accept the consequences.

As much as you try to do the perfect thing, sometimes you just have to release the ball and let it do what it wants to do. The key is to let the ball roll to your intended spot, without overshooting your target.

Practice placing your ball where you want it to be when you putt. Try chipping over a tree branch, over a sand trap, or even into a bunker, to get used to where you want it to stop. This will help you make any mistakes while you are chipping.

Once you master the fundamentals of chipping, you can move on to more advanced moves. For example, you can try hitting it in the center of the green to make a longer putt.

Once you are comfortable making putts from inside five feet or farther, you can consider working on your short game. You will be able to carry a large-sized putt and still make the same stroke every time.

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