Golf Exercise Program to Develop a Powerful Swing

What is a golf exercise program? It is a question asked by many who are new to exercising or just starting an exercise routine. If you have ever asked yourself this question then I have good news for you. A golf exercise program can solve your problem and help you to play golf better than ever before.

The reason why so many people who spend hours working on and off the course and doing countless exercises have so many issues with their upper body is because problems like chronic back and neck pain, runner’s knee, golfer’s elbow, Achilles tendonitis, and tennis elbow are very common when only the attention of good sports and exercise mechanics are neglected. The solution is a golf exercise program that focuses on strength training of core muscles, specifically the muscles that are located in and around the hips, torso, pelvis, and shoulders.


A golf-specific warm-up should include exercises that build strength in all of these muscle groups while also increasing flexibility, endurance, and stamina. There are some excellent golf specific warm-up exercises you can do before heading out to the golf course. Some of these exercises are; chest press, sit ups, rope-pull ups, stiff-leg dead lifts, heel raises, and dumbbell rows. By building up all of these muscles in your chest, stomach, hips, and legs you are ensuring maximum strength and power while minimizing the risk of injury.


A complete golf exercise program should also include exercises that target your entire core to include your abdominal, hip, and knee muscles. Your core is made up of your abs, obliques, and glutes and is your base of support. By working your entire core you will not only improve your game but you will also feel more comfortable on the course. Core stretch exercises include lying leg raises, single-leg crunches, and abdominal crunches.


Many people don’t realize how important it is to have good back and hip flexibility. Good back and hip flexibility will help with your balance, which increases your overall stability. When your body is not balanced and your body musculoskeletal system is out of balance you will have problems with your golf swing. Balance and stability exercises such as stability balls and balance chairs are great tools to add into your golf exercise program. These stability ball exercises are great for improving your stability while strengthening your core.


Another facet of your golf exercise program should include exercises that strengthen your forearm and forearms. Strong and flexible forearms will help your golfer has a solid downswing with a light touch at the top of the swing. If you have a weak forearm and forearms, it will make it very difficult to accomplish a good backswing or follow through.


Golf exercises can also include strength training. Strength and conditioning program for your upper body can be beneficial to your golf game. You want to work on building your shoulders, chest, and arms along with your back and shoulders. If your body muscles are strong and powerful you will not only feel better during your game, but you will also run faster, jump higher, hit the ball farther, and possess a better grip on your club. You will increase your golf game by improving your balance, endurance, and strength.


Along with strengthening your body, you must also develop a strong lower back and abdominals to support your spine and maintain a powerful swing. It’s important to keep your body aligned in order to have a powerful and safe golf swing. It’s also critical to keep your back straight during a downswing so that you don’t over extend your spine. Many golfers neglect their abdominal muscles and have a tendency to slouch while swinging. The best thing you can do is to practice correct posture and get into the habit of sitting up straight, especially if you are a right handed player.


To build an effective golf exercise program, consider targeting several muscle groups. Your back, legs, arms, and abdominal muscles will all require resistance developdevelop the strength needed to drive your ball into the hole and to help you maintain a strong, stable golf swing. To target each group of muscles effectively, try using a medicine ball, a golf-weight bench, or an exercise ball to perform your exercises. For maximum results, use a combination of these exercises and stretching exercises to develop your core muscles and strengthen your back, abdominal, and legs. By practicing a variety of exercises, you will find that you can efficiently develop and strengthen all of these muscle groups while adding more power to your golf swing.