Golf Exercises For Seniors Will Help You To Improve Your Game

It’s a smart idea for older golfers to remember that golf stretching exercises for Seniors is imperative. But only remember that not to over exert yourself this is only to loosen up and warm up those tight muscles before you begin the actual swing.

If you do it wrong, you could end up hurting yourself as well as possibly injuring other people on the course. And you don’t want that. So just follow these tips and you’ll be all set. Just be sure you do it the right way.

Warm Up

To begin, you should always warm up.

A great way to do this is by utilizing a golf ball or some other weight with a little bit of force behind it. Hold the ball a few feet away from your body at a spot where you’ll be able to see it. This will give you time to get your balance right, and at the same time stretching out those tight muscles that will be required for the swing. This exercise also strengthens your arm muscles as well.

There are many advantages to doing golf warm-up exercises regularly.

One of the biggest benefits is that they help you get ready for the physical activity itself. Another benefit is the improved flexibility that you will experience while being able to maintain proper body alignment.

Your increased flexibility will also increase your range of motion and allow you to hit the ball farther with a straighter shot. Finally, stretching your muscles before a game of golf will help you avoid muscle stiffness and pain after the game.

Power Clean

The next exercise program that you can consider doing is known as the power clean.

You’ll perform a golf swing and as you are going the whole club backwards you should do a push up. This will help you develop your core muscles, develop a strong back, and develop the power in your golf swing.

The final golf exercises for seniors that we have here are done while sitting down.

This one is called the seated oblique twist. Stand with your feet apart at a comfortable distance. Now, take your left leg and bring it towards your left side, making sure it’s fairly straight and doesn’t bend too much.

Bring your hand up to your chest, then to your stomach. As you do this, you should feel the muscles in your abdomen contract and begin to expand. Keep your feet flat on the floor and begin to relax as you feel these muscles begin to expand.


One more exercise that you may want to do for your golf game if you are a senior is to do some warm-up stretches.

These warm-up stretches will not only help you become more flexible, but also increase your circulation and improve your endurance.

To do a warm up stretching, simply loosen your abdominal muscles so that you can breathe easier. Then, do a few sets of handstands or arm swings to warm up your arms. After that, you’ll want to do some leg lifts that will warm up your legs as well.

Finally, doing a few warm up stretches before you begin to swing a club will also help you eliminate any stiffness or aches that you may be experiencing in your muscles.

Swing Exercises

One last exercise that you can do to improve your golf game is to simply swing your arms out at full speed. This will help you stretch your muscles, as well as strengthen your wrists.

The swing itself will work your hips, back, shoulders and upper body. It’s a great way to give your body time to adjust to the changes in direction. After you swing a bit more, then you’ll be ready to do the full speed swing.


In conclusion, by making these a part of your golf exercises for seniors program, you can improve your flexibility, endurance and prevent injury.

These exercises can make you a better golfer by helping you to lengthen your shots, swing straighter and hit the ball further. You can also make your game more fun to play by simply playing more golfing games and practice.

It is also important to realize that golf exercises for senior citizens are not just stretches and warm-up routines.

They should also incorporate strengthening exercises to help the body to maintain its shape even as you age. If you are interested in doing these exercises at home, there are DVDs that are available that will teach you more advanced exercises and workouts.

Golf exercises for seniors are a great way to maintain your flexibility and keep your body strong. These workouts can be done at home or at the office.