Golf Fitness Programs – How To Combine Exercises That Build Strength

Do you have a golf fitness program? If you are like 90% of the people that buy golf fitness programs, there are three things that I want to tell you about that you will want to make sure that you are taking into consideration while you are working out. Three things that many golfers forget or don’t even realize are important parts of golf fitness programs. If you want to improve your golf game, you have to know what to work on and what to stay away from. Here are the 3 most important things that you need to know about your golf fitness program.

Golf Fitness Programs – How To Combine Exercises That Build Strength


Workouts that target the Core. Exercises that target the lower core or the midsection from squats, dead lifts, lunges, and other rotational movements from the hips down to the ankles. Anything that involves an increase in the hips, upper body strength, and overall golfer stamina and endurance. The way to go about this when it comes to golf fitness programs is to incorporate movements that relate directly to the golf swing into your exercise routine. Just think of a good squat in terms of how to get a nice backswing.


Workouts that isolate muscles. Many golfers go into their golf fitness programs, thinking that they will be targeting a specific muscle group. The problem with this is that a lot of the time the golfers tend to use their abdominal muscles during their backswing and downswing and not their quads. This is just like going into a boxing match and not training your arms to throw punches and kicks. Your training program needs to address golf-specific muscle groups.


Golf Fitness Programs that Increase Club Head Speed. A big part of golf fitness programs is improving club head speed. This is a critical element of overall swing efficiency for those who want to shoot lower scores with ease. Improving club head speed is accomplished through developing fast feet, increased turn in the backswing, and maintaining good hip rotation.


Golf Fitness Programs that Includes Hormone Training. While it may sound like a strange combination, there is a direct correlation between golf fitness programs that include hormone stimulation and the development of muscle strength. Testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) are two very important hormones that are known to have a positive impact on golf swing efficiency.


What Should You Do To Improve Your Golf Game? As was mentioned above, many golf fitness programs actually isolate specific muscle groups and then work these muscle groups in isolation. This does not allow for the integration of movement patterns from other parts of the body. Your best bet is to integrate a comprehensive golf workout routine that provides you with a variety of different exercise options so that all aspects of your body are properly worked out and you are developing the proper golf fitness goals for your specific situation.


Fun Activities. Finally, a great way to improve your golf game is to incorporate fun activities into your fitness regimen. For example, if you are working on improving your overall stability and body awareness, you can do workouts such as yoga or Pilates. In addition to improving your golf performance, these fun activities will keep you from getting bored while on your golf development plan.


Stabilizing Your Body and Relieving Tension. Golfers often spend a lot of time worrying about their posture and how to get that perfect downswing. These worries lead to lower back problems, which lead to lower scores and injuries. Using golf exercise programs to develop core strength and improve stability will keep golfers on their feet, improving their balance and leading to less missed shots and injuries.