Golf Fitness – What You Need to Know

There are some things that make a Golf Fitness Training program like Swing Fit Golf. “Swing Fit Golf is a premier indoor professional indoor golf training facility with full-time tour level professional tour trainers, customized club fitting, and superior physical conditioning. Senior, group, and private golf lessons are also available with a former LPGA Tour player. Swing Fit Golf has four large practice areas in its home gym. Each has enough space for a small group to meet comfortably.

The four hitting bays offer individualized attention for each player. “The Hitting bay is the place to work on power, accuracy, and distance. We have an expansive range of irons, woods, wedges, and drivers, so you can get a good feel for how the different clubs feel when you hit them. Our pro golfers use this area the most, because they can quickly compare what they see in person versus what they are seeing on the monitor. You’ll also notice that we have a sand bunker in place for when it rains.”

The Golf fitness training program focuses on hitting the ball with maximum force and getting the ball in the hole. “We have special driver clubs that help you improve your hitting mechanics. If you have a problem with your timing or getting the ball in the air, we can help correct that. The Driving bay has specific driver clubs that focus on power, speed, distance, and accuracy.”

The club lessons focus on improving the swing. “We will focus on your stance, grip, posture, and flexibility. You’ll learn how to build strength so that you’re playing correctly. If your arms are too weak, you won’t be swinging like you want to. You should be swinging from a strong base and not from an unstable one.” They also focus on your ability to read the game and understand the range of your drives.

The club fit trainers focus on your swing arc. “When you go through a typical round of golf, you end up hitting the ball off center. This is where we focus most of our attention. The objective is to help you stop this from happening. If we can improve your swing arc, it will lead to a better golf swing.”

Finally, the swing fit club team focuses on improving your chipping and pitching. “If you look at pro golfers, they all have good chipping and pitching skills. There are specific ways to work on these skills so that you don’t run into problems with your clubs. When you have more control over the club, it makes your shot more consistent and go farther.”

There are other components of a golf fitness program that can help improve your game. When you are in poor physical condition, your body simply cannot move as quickly as it should. “When you are running around and playing, you aren’t moving as much weight because of gravity and other things. You need to get your body moving more,” explains David Nevogt : “We do an exercise called interval training. We will change up the intensity, so that you don’t hurt yourself during your swing, but we speed up your metabolism so that you are burning more calories than you are using.

The golf fitness program doesn’t end there, though. You still need to add in your nutrition program to give your body the best chance to become fit and injury free. Golf fitness programs have shown to be very helpful, especially for those who play lots of games and put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies. By taking advantage of the great advice found in this special training manual, you can keep your body in peak performance shape and avoid injury. Learn what you can do to ensure maximum results with your golf fitness program today!