Golf for Beginners – How To Balance

Balancing your body is regarded as an essential issue in golf. As a result, a number of golf lessons are tailored to prevent golfers from hurting their backs. This article will provide you with a step by step guide to balancing your body for a straighter backswing.

Good Posture

The best way to ensure that your body maintains a good posture is to use a golf bag strap. The strap will allow you to lean forward slightly to relieve the strain on your back. It is best to use a strap that is adjustable so that you can find the best balance.

Take It Easy

Stretching will prevent you from back and neck pain, and is a great way to get a longer lasting posture. It is always better to take things slowly and don’t rush to develop bad posture.

Limit Stress

Stress can put unnecessary pressure on the spine and cause a number of back problems. To minimize stress, play golf on the days that you don’t have to work. This will allow you to get more rest, which will help you maintain your posture.

Get Proper Fit

Using golf clubs that are too small or too long can lead to back and neck pain. It is important that you get fitted to a golf club so that you can prevent injury. Get a fitting at a golf store to ensure that you find the right golf clubs to give you the perfect posture.

Ease Up On Arms

You should practice keeping your arms free of tension when you are driving a golf ball. Remember to keep the club on your left hand so that the arms don’t cause tension in the shoulders. You should relax your arms so that they can stay straight.

When you take your hands and arms relaxed, it is impossible for them to put stress on the back or neck. They should stay with your body, and not be parallel to the ground. You should also loosen your grip on the club so that you can prevent injury to your hands. Use your left hand to control the club, and use your right hand to swing the club in the right direction.

Stand Straight

When your back is straight and upright, you will be able to swing the golf club in the best direction.

Keep the Elbows In

In the same way that your arms should stay parallel to the ground, your elbow should also stay close to your body. Try to keep your elbows bent at all times, and make sure that they don’t wander into the hitting area of the golf ball.

Make Sure That Your Ankles Are Square

Having the proper posture is important for golf. If you over compensate by slouching or bending your knees excessively, your back will be ruined. Make sure that your feet are square to the ground when you are swinging the golf club. The better your alignment, the more consistent your shots will be.


You should practice these movements every day to give yourself a straighter backswing. The best way to ensure that you maintain good posture is to follow a routine. Stay away from stretches, which only cause you pain, and let a golf bag strap do all the work. To learn more about posture and how to use golf clubs, take a look at our golf instruction article.