Golf For Seniors – Simple Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Game

Golf For Seniors – Simple Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Game

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of golf for seniors? For most, golf is probably the first game they learned to play. Whether it was from their father or grandfather or just a good friend who played and gave them some great feedback, golf was given a try by most seniors around the world. In the United States alone, nearly 14 million seniors actively play golf. This is according to Golf Digest Research. This is quite a number, which obviously surprises many people.


Golf is a sport that can get very competitive and requires a lot of skill, coordination and mental attitude. It’s played by millions of senior adults worldwide. It’s played with light intensity and may involve you at old age to benefit a whole range of social, physical and emotional benefits, right? Well, maybe not… One important thing to know about golf is that it can be a game that can test your patience, as well as your ability to concentrate.


Golf is known to improve cardiovascular conditions. Researchers have found that golf players who walk are less likely to suffer from heart disease or stroke. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you walk enough, you can completely prevent these two serious diseases but walking helps in decreasing your risk of developing them.


There are a lot of different ways to incorporate walking into your golf routine. You can choose to simply walk more or do some circuit training exercises, like walking the full round of golf without taking a break. The great thing about doing both of these methods is that both help in increasing your overall endurance, as well as helping you strengthen your muscles.


Another great thing about golf is that it’s a very low impact sport. That means there’s no jarring of bones or joints. This makes it an ideal sport for seniors who have a hard time remembering any type of physical exercise they did as a child. Not only are golf a low impact sport, but it’s also a sport where you don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment to play.


You won’t be using a cart or a dozen other pieces of equipment to get around when you play golf. This makes it a great sport for seniors who are already used to getting around on their own. In addition to this, golf actually helps us to stay lean and active. Seniors who play golf will find that when they stick with the sport over time, they’ll notice that they tend to stay lean and physically fit.


Finally, golf is a great way to increase your mental agility and awareness. This is because the golf swing is a physical exercise. By focusing on your physical fitness and improving your strength, you develop better mental skills and awareness. This is something that all of us need as we age; and golf can help you do just that.


If you haven’t taken up golf as a senior yet, you should start warming up your hands and feet. This is a great way to improve your balance and overall coordination. As you warm up, you’ll also be increasing your flexibility, too. This will make you limber and less prone to injury as you approach your golden years. All of these things are important if you want to enjoy golfing as you get older.


Another great thing that golf can do for you is keep you from using different stances to take the same divot. When you change your stance to take a divot, you run the risk of slicing the ball. As a result, you may find that you hit the ball harder with a different stance than you used before. A change in stance can help us avoid this problem.


Finally, as we age, we inevitably lose some of our flexibility. There are many different reasons why your muscles become less flexible as we get older. However, golf can help you keep your muscles and joints flexible so that they remain flexible. Flexibility is a key element in maintaining good health. It’s easy to see how golf can benefit you in these ways.


We’ve talked about a few ways that golf can benefit you as a senior citizen. From exercise to diet, there are plenty of ways that the activity can help you stay active and in shape. And, of course, once you begin playing, you’ll quickly find that this is an extremely fun sport to play, even if you’re already aging!