Golf Genius Pro Review – Is It Good?

The golfing community has been buzzing about the Golf Genius App for some time now. It is a mobile application that enables users to view and play their very own personalized leaderboard of golfers from all over the world. As noted, this application will also allow users to view their tournament stats, score card history and course listings from their own mobile device. This is possible thanks to a powerful web-based GPS technology that enables the user to instantly navigate between virtual players on the golf course. In addition, users are able to access detailed information about courses they may be interested in playing by navigating through an on-screen map of the area.

Golf Genius Pro Review – Is It Good?


There are several features which make the Golf Genius Leaderboard App stands out from competing apps in its category. For one, the application not only allows users to view a live leaderboard of their friends and fellow golfers from around the globe; it also allows them to save custom courses so they can access them from any location. For instance, a user may choose to enter a course from a beach in Hawaii; he or she can then export it directly from the application to a desktop application. Other features allow a user to manage their own scores, select which clubs they want to use when playing, and upload any custom graphics they may want to use for their icon on the leaderboard. Some advanced options include editing golf legends, and entering custom scores after holes, among others.


As noted earlier, this particular leaderboard application is easy to use on both iPhone and Android smartphones. Unlike most other applications that require you to download the app to your phone first, you need not do so with the Golf Genius App because it is available for both iOS devices and Android devices. To unlock the full potential of the application, you can use it on any device where internet access is available. You don’t even need to have an internet connection; however, you should ensure that your smartphone has enough capacity to accommodate the various activities that the application requires you to do. Otherwise, you will experience poor functionality.


The Golf Master Pro leaderboard app allows you to set up multiple leaderboards across your home or office. You can also use it to display your progress over the course of a game or set up personal leaderboards for friends and family to use. Some of the features you should check out include the option to view your scores at every hole, the option to manage your scores by difficulty, the ability to upload a picture of your golf club if you like, and the option to create a photo gallery of your best shots.


Although the iPhone version of this application has some impressive features, it does suffer from a few drawbacks that are more annoying than anything else. First, the iPhone version lacks the option to take a snapshot of the golf ball. In addition, it also lacks the functionality of the Android versions. Despite these setbacks, it does still remain one of the best golfing apps available. If you have not yet checked it out, you should really consider it because of its features.


The Golf Genius Pro also includes an excellent tutorial section that teaches you everything you need to know about playing the game. The instruction section is easy to understand and includes tips on all sorts of golf basics, from basic techniques to advanced strategies. Even if you are a complete beginner to the world of golf, you should easily understand the concepts that are taught within. Overall, this is a must-have program for any serious golfer who wants to improve his game.