Golf Jackets For Men – Style and Protection Combined

Golf jackets for men are not just fashionable attire. They protect your vital organs and keep you from blisters, cuts, and injuries. You want a golf jacket that fits you snugly and prevents unnecessary movement during your golf round. Good golf jackets will allow you to move freely so you can hit the ball with maximum power. Let’s look at a few of the features your new golf jacket should have.

Rain jackets, or pullovers, are an excellent choice for golf apparel. Designed to keep you dry during a sunny day on the course, rain jackets for men provide a practical, lightweight protection that will stand up to the sun’s rays and keep you safe. Stylish fabric is designed to stretch tightly so it will not hold back your forward swing. Many types are waterproof up to a certain depth, but choose those with features that let you adjust them so they’ll keep you completely protected from rain and snow.

Like rain jackets, windbreakers are practical and easy to use in warm weather. A popular golf accessory, windbreakers are made with durable fabrics that will stand up against wind and rain. You’ll be glad you added a windbreaker vest to your collection after a day on the course. For added warmth, select a vest with a built-in wool lining and a zippered panel for adding insulation to your core layer.

When you thought you were done looking for the perfect golf outerwear, you might want to consider a fleece jacket. Fleece is ideal for every season, so you can be sure your clothing is ready to take on anything the season brings. Sporting fleece tops, a couple of placket pockets and a fleece mid-section, you can make any outfit fall into place with any accessory. You can even get a fleecy maxi coat for a hot summer day or a bomber jacket to keep you warm on those cold, rainy days.

Pullovers are the absolute best golf rainwear around; they can be used as walkers, added to a few outfits for added variety and for function. The primary distinction between a pullover and other jackets is the fabric. While there are many different styles of pullovers from fleece to wool and denim to leather, the most common material is cotton because it is breathable and can be easily cleaned. If you don’t have the time to maintain a clean shirt or tee shirt, this is the ideal option.

Golf shirts are another popular golf apparel choice for men, especially those who prefer to use words in their attire. Worded shirts with small slogans or funny pictures are popular for both men and women. You can have fun designing your own shirt, but it is also possible to use pre-made words, phrases and designs that are provided by manufacturers or suppliers of these items. You can write on the back of the shirt “I like to play golf”, “want to beat my golf scores”, or “go with the grain”.

Waterproof golf jackets are a must-have for those on the course or out in nature. Waterproof fabrics are far more durable than other fabrics, which helps you maintain your style while saving money on repairs due to wear and tear. They offer a full zip front and have a removable lining for convenience. The jackets I like the most are the Water Resistant/Sweat Proof (TM), which is one of the best products available on the market. These jackets were developed for active golfers who are out in the elements, where being waterproof is a must.

Wind jackets are a terrific way to stay warm on cooler, wetter days. Pullovers are simple to use words, but still have great benefits. I prefer full zip pullovers for all weather wear. If you’re looking for something more casual, go with vests. These vests are more common than ever before, with many different looks, colors and designs to suit your style.